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Apple rumored to be launching a TV streaming service in time for Christmas

Apple is rumoured to be launching its own TV streaming service which could be available in time for Christmas. The news comes from a report in the New York Post which claims to have some inside information on the direction Apple is looking to take.

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Re-live every iPhone TV advertisement starting with the original 2007 “Hello”

If you are feeling nostalgic or just have some time to kill, you can now re-live every single advert that Apple has made for its iPhone device. The iPhone was first introduced back in 2007 and the first advert to hit our screens was called “Hello”.

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Mail Enhancer for jailbreak review

Get custom signatures, notifications, and highlights for iPhone Mail with Mail Enhancer for jailbreak

Mail Enhancer adds a great deal of extra functionality to your jailbroken iPhone, including the ability to set custom signatures for different accounts, tailored notifications, advanced mail sorting options, and account highlighting. If the stock version of iOS simply doesn't meet your needs, and you're looking for more and better functionality, give Mail Enhancer a try.

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VooMoteZapper turns your iPhone or iPad into universal remote, leaves all your old infrareds to collect dust

The VooMoteZapper is a clip on infrared remote control device that can take the place of your entire collection of home remote controls. The device simply clips into the dock connector of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 5 and transforms it into a universal remote controller

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Avid Studio for iPad delivers some real competition to Apple's iMovie

Apple’s iPad version of iMovie has some real competition today with the launch of video editing app Avid Studio. Avid Studio is a new app that lets you edit video, audio and photographs right on your iPad.

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BiteSMS vs Messages+ for iOS 5: which should you use?

The amazingly functional and customizable BiteSMS takes on the deeply integrated and easy to use Messages+ in a battle of the jailbreak messaging apps

Are you jailbroken on iOS 5 and wondering whether you should purchase BiteSMS or Messages+? Both applications add quick reply functionality and make messaging more functional. But which is a better choice for you?

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Final Cut Pro X updated to turn your multi-cam iPhone videos into masterpieces

Apple just released an update to their executive video editing software suite which adds multi-camera syncing and broadcast monitoring suport. Final Cut Pro X 10.0.3 also includes enhanced XML, so it can talk with third-party plug-ins more easily.

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Hands on with Taglists for iPhone and iPad

Taglists is an iPhone and iPad app that lets you create and share playlists made up of music, videos, and photos that can be streamed for free by you and your friends. Just tag all the media with the same hashtag label and Taglists will generate the playlists for you. Want to enjoy these playlists via a different medium? No problem; Taglists lets you use Airplay or DLNA to play them on connected TV, A/V receivers, iPod docks, stereos, Apple TV and more.

We took a closer look at Taglists at Macworld 2012.

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