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Dilbert Pokes Fun At the (Windows Mobile, Zune) Competition

Paul Thurrott over at the Windows Supersite Blog posted this up in reference to Microsoft's apparent strategy so far when it comes to Windows Mobile and Zune.


Steve Jobs like to quote hockey legend Wayne Gretzsky's famous line -- don't skate to where the puck is, skate to where it will be. Let's just hope they remember that, and this comic, and really bring it next year with iPhone 4.0 and the 4th generation iPhone, now that Android 2.x and webOS are on the ice.

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Zune HD Adds 3D Games, Windows Marketplace for Mobile Goes Phase II, and the Many Faces of Windows Mobile -- Mega Competition Roundup!

So, yeah, Windows Mobile and Zune. In all the excitement over the Droid (and Pixi), Microsoft went and snuck in some new, competitive updates.

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Microsoft Porting Zune Software to Other Platforms -- Maybe iPhone?

ZDnet is reporting that Microsoft has plans to port their Zune software over to other platforms... and that means rumors of Zune on iPhone.


blockquote>“Zune is a music and video service from Microsoft. Period, Our next step is mobile phones, but we haven’t talked about a timeline for when that will happen.”

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The Competition: Microsoft Discontinues Previous Zunes, Marketing Exec

On the eve of Microsoft releasing its new Zune HD platform (the one targeted at competing with the iPod touch), Windows Super-siter, Paul Thurrott is reporting that the still nascent plain vanilla Zune platform (the one targeted at competing with the iPod touch and classic) is being abandoned. (Shades of PlaysForSure?)

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The Competition: Microsoft "is so!" Making a Pink Zune Phone to Take on the iPhone?

Despite frequent, repeated denials from Microsoft that they aren't making a Zune Phone to pit against Apple's iPhone juggernaut, our sibling site WMExperts keeps compiling evidence that Microsoft might be doing just that.

The latest is that Pink (as it's code-named) has an ad agency, will be based on Windows Mobile 7 but have it's own proprietary UI layer, should be available next year-ish, and provide Zune, My Phone, and Windows Marketplace for Mobiles functionality.

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Don't Call it "Squirting"! iPhone to get Social With App Sharing?

BusinessWeek has an article up on Apple and Google considering app-sharing tools and -- hold on, let's deconstruct:

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UPDATED: Attack of the iClones: Microsoft Office Movie + Twitter x ZunePhone = Huhbuwhat?!

UPDATED: Shoulda stuck with our instincts. Fake. (via Engadget)

ORIGINAL: When we first heard that a Twitter account associated with Microsoft Office 10: The Movie (?!) was telling people "New product launch, that's all I'm allowed to say. Hold off from buying an iPhone/Pre", we figured it had to be fake. It was posted from iPhone/Mac client Tweetie, after all!

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Microsoft Says iTunes Costs $30K to Fill an iPod? Ars Says ZunePass Costs $45K!

Okay, if you buy an empty iPod Classic, have never owned a CD or bought a piece of music in your life, and are determine to immediately fill that 120GBs to the brim, then $30K iTunes will cost you.

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Attack of the iClones: No ZunePhone but... ZunePod touch HD?

Personally, I still think Microsoft's only hope at this point is an XboxPhone, but what do I know, I don't run the largest, richest, most talent-laden software company in the world... that runs itself, and everything it produces, into the ground due to paralyzing politics and committee. So, excuse me if I'm nonplussed by the rumors of a new Zune HD, which while not an iPhone clone, or even an iPod classic or nano clone, looks to be positioned exactly opposite the iPod touch. A strategy which has proven so successful for Microsoft thus far...

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