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What you need to know

  • A new Piper Jaffray report looks into teenage device ownership.
  • iPhone remains top dog among the demographic.
  • Apple Watch continues to grow, too.

Piper Jaffray regularly runs a survery titled "Taking Stock with Teens" and this year's report – picked up by Apple Insider – has a massive 83% of teens owning an iPhone. That's the largest number yet.

The same report last year had the number sitting at 82%, which means more teenagers are now picking up iPhones than even last year. And if you'd asked us then we'd have said 82% was a huge number. And of course it is, but you know what's even more huge? 83%.

One metric that Apple will be particularly interested in is the buying intention among teenagers. The same report has 86% of respondents saying that they wanted to get an iPhone as their next phone. That's the same result as last year which means Apple continues to remain strong as a brand and as a mark of status for teenagers.

The Piper Jaffray report included Apple Watch as well with 20% of teenagers saying they owned the wearable. That's a huge increase from 2018 which saw just 12% of those responding saying they had Apple's watch on their wrist.

Apple continues to try to appeal to teenagers by reducing the price of its entry-level devices. Apple Watch Series 3 is now available at its lowest price yet, with iPhone 11 replacing iPhone XR while also slashing $50 from its asking price. Both moves will make it easier for an important demographic to enter the Apple ecosystem. And once they're there, the chances are good they'll remain customers in the long run.