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What you need to know

  • A Canadian health provider is launching a new Apple Watch monitoring service.
  • TELUS will provide 24/7 monitoring and a new Apple Watch to members on its new plan.
  • It features a companion app connected to its Central Monitoring Station.

Canadian health provider TELUS has today announced a new 24/7 monitoring service for Apple Watch fall detection available to its customers.

In a press release the company stated:

TELUS Health, the largest Canadian-owned provider of personal emergency response services (PERS), today announced it is revolutionizing how Canadians experience wearable emergency support in Canada by launching TELUS Health Companion on Apple Watch. A 24/7 emergency monitoring service provided through TELUS Health's LivingWell Companion national response service combined with the Apple Watch Fall Detection API and proactive monitoring functionalities, this new service enables more Canadians with health issues or who may be at risk of falling to experience improved safety and peace of mind. TELUS Health is helping advance innovation in the PERs industry by making it accessible through the modern and powerful intelligence of Apple Watch, while offering greater independence and a sense of security to those who want to live independently for longer.

The service starts at $54/month and includes a brand new Apple Watch Cellular model with coverage across Canada. There's also a companion app connected to a 24/7 monitoring service:

The new TELUS Health Companion service leverages the fall detection and location sharing capabilities of Apple Watch; if Apple Watch detects that the user has taken a hard fall, this information is sent to TELUS Health's national Central Monitoring Station. Trained operators will immediately contact the customer to confirm the emergency, then alert the customer's designated emergency contacts, and can dispatch emergency support if needed.

If users have an Apple Watch Series 4 or later they can get the companion service for just $30/month.

You can read the full release here.