Terafyn Review: A beautifully illustrated story with a game on the side

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Bottom line: Advertised as a story-driven game, Terafyn is just that. More story than game, Terafyn is ideal for old school, tabletop, and card game fantasy RPG players. While the card game is necessary to progress in the story, Terafyn's biggest appeal is the engaging tale told through beautiful artwork.


  • +

    Engaging fantasy story

  • +

    Beautiful artwork

  • +

    Fluid gameplay

  • +

    Enchanting music


  • -

    More of a story than a game

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South Gale has launched the first episode of the story-driven RPG card game, Terafyn on iOS and Android. Terafyn won't be making our list of the best iPhone games, but I did have a lot of fun playing it. This story-driven fantasy RPG card game tells the tale of a young adventurer who just may be the prophesized hero to save the world from malevolent forces. The story behind Terafyn is where this game really shines. The still frame artwork and enchanting music engage the senses while you explore the world of Terafyn, one of many worlds shaped by the great god Esyn and ruled by two of Esyn's children, Ona and Aros.

In the not too distant past, Ona and Aros's rivalry led to a civil war that nearly destroyed Terafyn and all its inhabitants. Ona and her followers managed to defeat Aros, but only through Ona sacrificing herself to seal her destructive brother away. However, Aros is poised to return, and a prophecy speaks of a descendant of Ona who will rise up to defeat Aros once and for all. Can you be that foretold hero?

Terafyn — A story-driven, fantasy adventure

Terafyn Review Screenshot (Image credit: iMore)
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CategoryGame Name
DeveloperSouth Gale
PublisherSouth Gale
GenreStory-driven RPG card game
ConsoleiOS, and Android
Game Size319.4 MB, 47 M
Launch Price$2

As more and more RPGs move towards real-time, action mechanics, Terafyn provides a turn-based strategy card game set in a gorgeous world full of fantastic beasts and warring demigods. You play as the daughter of a humble fisherman and former adventurer, but don't be fooled by these simple beginnings. You have within you great power and the promise of a prophecized destiny. As the descendant of Ona, one of the twin demigods, you must rise up to stop the return of the other demigod, Aros.

Terafyn — What I loved

Terafyn Review Screenshot (Image credit: iMore)

What really stands out the most about Terafyn is the story. I would happily read a book based on Terafyn or watch it as a movie. You're given just enough say in your character to feel connected to them, while still being guided by a handful of answers to each choice. Many of the elements will be very familiar to high fantasy fans, but it feels fresh and new all the same.

Terafyn Review Screenshot (Image credit: iMore)

Another big selling point for Terafyn is the artwork. Although it's all still-frame, the painting-like backdrops, characters, and creatures are a feast for the eyes. As beautiful as the graphics are, the music is just as enchanting. The music would fit in nicely to a game like Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles or one of the Lord of the Rings movies.

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Terafyn Review Screenshot (Image credit: iMore)

Something else I love is the price point. Although advertised as having a free demo, to really enjoy Terafyn, you're going to want to buy it, and each episode is purchased separately. However, at only $2 per episode, you definitely aren't going to break the bank with this one. In fact, I've paid more for shorter issues of comics, and the price is comparable to an episode of similar shows. This is a super affordable game that is easy to get into, and there is even replay value given the impact of the choices you make throughout the story.

Terafyn — What could be improved

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The biggest complaint I have about Terafyn is that it's just too short. While the story contained in this first episode of Terafyn was engaging and delightful, it was just one episode. The developers over at South Gale promise more episodes later in the year, but there is still no word on just how many episodes or the exact release dates. It's still an excellent value for the money, but I think it would have been more enjoyable had South Gale released the game as a whole instead of as individual episodes. Depending on how long it takes for the remaining episodes to be released, I'll probably end up replaying them all with each addition.

Terafyn Review Screenshot (Image credit: iMore)

Another downside was the gameplay itself. While I really enjoy turn-based strategy games, especially card games, the battle system in Terafyn almost feels unnecessary. Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed the game a lot, but I think I would have enjoyed it more as a graphic novel or a movie. The story is so engaging and the artwork so lovely, that it felt broken up by the cards and spinners introduced with each battle.

Terafyn Review Screenshot (Image credit: iMore)

The only other complaint I have about Terafyn is how some decisions are implemented. Much of this game feels like a Choose Your Own Adventure story. If you focus on magic over brawn, this has an important impact on gameplay. If you take a risk and attempt to pick the pockets of a drunk at the tavern, you can score some gear early on. However, other decisions don't seem to have a strong impact on the game - or any impact near as I can tell. While it is possible the effects of those choices just aren't immediately apparent, it does make them feel less important, taking away from the overall engagement with the plot development.

Terafyn — Should you buy it?

Terafyn Review Screenshots (Image credit: iMore)

If you enjoy the high fantasy worlds of Dungeons and Dragons or Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, and you prefer turn-based strategy card games like Magic the Gathering, Terafyn is going to be a great investment for you. If you can look past the battle system that breaks you from the story and the fact that it's really not a complete game yet, I recommend picking this one up.

For those who really like high fantasy, story-heavy games, I definitely recommend tossing a few dollars South Gale's way. I, for one, really want to hear the rest of this story and would love to see South Gale make more games like Terafyn.

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