Could tethering be coming to iPad under iOS 4.2?

iOS 4.2 beta 2 for iPad, when used on some European carriers, is popping up Internet Tethering settings similar to those on iPhone. Since it's not showing up everywhere, and certainly not in the US, could this mean only certain geographies will be getting the feature, or is it just some accident in the firmware or carrier file update that's causing it?

Either way, it does show the panel is built into iPad, so why isn't it already there and for everyone, like on iPhone? We pay for the bits, we should be able to use them when, where, and how we see fit. (And we should be able to tether iPad to iPhone -- just like BlackBerry's doing with the PlayBook -- but that's rant for another day).

Apple should just flip the switch and turn it on and let the carriers scurry around in the harsh light of day and explain to us, their customers, why it should be blocked. (And no, paying an extra $20 a month to share a $30 data plan -- $50 total -- is not a viable option, carriers).

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Rene Ritchie

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