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What you need to know

  • A Texas man will serve two years in prison for stealing products from Apple Stores.
  • He was responsible for 25 iPhones, MacBooks, and iPads going missing from the Little Rock Apple Store.

A 20-year-old Texas man is now serving three years in prison, two of which are because he stole a total of 25 iPhones, MacBooks, and iPads from the Little Rock Apple Store. Local reports also say that was part of a "multistate shoplifting ring" that targeted a range of Apple Stores.

Apparently unaware that items stolen from an Apple Store are almost impossible to use once deactivated remotely, the offender was joined by four other men who stole more than $26,000-worth of product. There is no information on which items in particular were stolen.

An arrest report states there were five men who stole 18 iPhones, six Macbooks and an iPad, valued at $26,445. The five grabbed the items and ran out. The other three defendants are awaiting trial on theft and commercial burglary charges.

This wasn't an isolated incident, with Apple saying that the men were part of a group that had been active in a number of areas.

Apple officials said the men were part of a group suspected of thefts in six Texas cities -- Dallas, Plano, Austin, Houston, Frisco and San Antonio -- as well as ones in Oklahoma City and Ridgeland, Miss., court filings show.

Once he's released from prison, the Texan will have to pay Apple back and serve a four-year suspended sentence, too.

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