Apple iPhone SE (2020)Source: Apple

What you need to know

  • A new iPhone SE ad is coming, but Apple hasn't released it yet.
  • The ad features the fun of peeling an iPhone's protective plastic off.
  • It's almost worth buying a new iPhone just for that.

Apple's iPhone SE is the hot new thing and as you'd imagine, Apple has new ads to share. There's a new one incoming, but so far Apple hasn't actually uploaded it to its YouTube channel. But you can watch it now thanks to YouTube channel apfelspot. And it's quite the quirky ad, too.

Featuring an iPhone SE having its protective plastic ripped off, the handset is almost an afterthought. But we can all agree that taking that plastic off is almost the best aspect of getting a new iPhone, right?

Anyway, here's the ad after MacRumors spotted it!

This ad may get yanked from YouTube, but fingers crossed it doesn't happen before it goes live on Apple's channel.

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The new iPhone SE (2020) in red, white, and black

iPhone SE (2020)

With an entry cost of just $399, you get today's technology at yesterday's price. Though the new iPhone SE may be considered the low-end iPhone, it's definitely nothing to sneeze at.

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