These 5 shows are the reason you should sign up for Apple TV+

For all Mankind on Apple TV+
For all Mankind on Apple TV+ (Image credit: iMore)

While it's no surprise that Apple TV+ has a limited content selection — it was a brand new service with no back catalog when it launched — that doesn't mean that it doesn't have good content. Whether you like Dramas, comedies, or have kids, here are some shows I think everyone should check out on Apple TV+.

The Morning Show

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon on The Morning Show (Image credit: Apple)

Starring Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Steve Carrell, and Billy Crudup, The Morning Show follows all the people involved in a morning news show as they deal with the fallout from their star anchor being accused of sexual misconduct in the workplace.

I recognize that early reviews for the show weren't good, even the one I wrote was pretty middling, but this show really get a lot better and the Season One finale was breathtaking.

It's a show that isn't afraid of getting uncomfortable and exploring its difficult subject matter and the characters feel very real and grounded, which really amps up the drama.


Baby doll from Servant on Apple TV+ (Image credit: Apple)

With M. Night Shyamalan on board, you know this series is going to have some twists and turns, but what you may not expect is a compelling story with some great acting.

The story follows a family who hires a nanny to look after their infant son; however, the son is just a doll used as part of a fake fantasy to help Dorothy (Lauren Ambrose) cope with the death of her child. Things get really weird when the new nanny seems to believe the baby is real as well.

I loved the atmosphere that the show creates, it keeps the tension really well throughout all the episodes — highly recommend.


Source: Apple (Image credit: Source: Apple)

The basic premise is quickly summed up with some text at the beginning of the first episode, which states that sometime in the 21st century, there was a deadly virus that wiped out most people on earth, leaving only a mere two million people left. Unfortunately, those who survived were blinded, and now centuries later, the sense of sight is considered a myth. It's heresy to even speak about sight, and if you are even suspected to have the gift of sight, you are supposed to burn.

It's a super cool high-fantasy drama series that has a Game of Thrones-ish vibe to it. Jason Momoa's performance is very strong, and the narrative takes some wild turns that make every episode a treat.

For All Mankind

For All Mankind, Episode 1

For All Mankind, Episode 1 (Image credit: Apple)

In the world of For All Mankind, cosmonauts of the Soviet Union beat the Americans to the moon by about a month. This causes turmoil within NASA and a darkening of the national mood. Hearings are called, angry calls from President Nixon fielded, and the entire lunar program is put in jeopardy.

When the U.S. makes its scheduled landing on the moon, the program and space in general truly open up as fronts in the ongoing Cold War. The series focuses on a number of characters as they deal with the new pressures brought on by a constant game of oneupmanship with the Russians.

For All Mankind continues to explore an altered history, that's compelling and really explores the time period in a new and exciting way. I can't' wait for the second season to come out. I look forward to seeing how this alternative version of our history plays out in unexpected ways. The team behind the show has created a new world that feels at the same time both familiar and fascinatingly new, and I can't wait to see how the rest of this ride unfolds.

Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet

Mythic Quest Raven's Banquet cast

Mythic Quest Raven's Banquet cast (Image credit: Apple TV+)

Mythic Quest is the biggest MMORPG in the world that is currently in the process of having its first major expansion, Raven's Banquet. The show focuses on the dev team behind the game and the funny and quirky problems they get into in their personal and professional lives.

The humor is funny and relatable to anyone, but anyone that loves video games will likely have a few special moments of laughs, as the show does a great job of making jokes about its subject matter.

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