These are the best 360-degree videos that have been uploaded to Facebook so far

Since Facebook added support for 360-degree videos in September 2015, various publishers have been uploading tons of content. From supporting different causes to showing off sporting events, the videos have given us a new view of so many different things. With 360-degree videos, you can check out the whole surrounding, like to see Times Square during a snow storm, or the opening credits of the popular Game of Thrones.

From Facebook:

The #1 most popular 360 video of 2016 to date is from ABC News and shows people around the world what it's like to experience a blizzard from the middle of New York City's Times Square.The list also includes the opening credits of Game of Thrones in 360 (which was the most-viewed 360 video in the first 24 hours, hitting 5.3 million views in one day), 360 experiences from European football teams FC Barcelona and Liverpool FC, and three stunning videos from National Geographic.

You can check out the top list of 360-degree videos, based on time spent watching, at Facebook.

Jared DiPane

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