For too long, Nintendo Switch owners had been forced to suffer the indignity of turning the volume down if they wanted to play video games in the middle of the night to not wake their children, partners, or roommates. No more!

Luckily, Switch gave us an update that added support for several USB wireless headphones. It was great news for those looking to find one last Zelda shrine as the sun shamefully rises on a weekday. However, not all dongle-based headphones work with the system.

Here is a list of wireless headphones that are confirmed to work with Nintendo's hybrid console and another list of products that have been confirmed not to work. These lists are subject to change as companies update their drivers, and Nintendo releases more system updates.

Best Headphones for Nintendo Switch

Confirmed to work

Confirmed not working

  • Astro A50 first-generation
  • Astro A50 second generation
  • Astro A20
  • ASUS STRIX series of headsets
  • Corsair Vengeance series of headsets
  • Corsair Void series of headsets
  • HyperX Cloud Flight
  • Logitech G533
  • Logitech G933
  • LucidSound LS40
  • Razer ManO'War series of headsets
  • Razer Thresher Ultimate for Xbox or PS4
  • Turtle Beach Stealth 420X
  • PDP Legendary Collection Sound of Justice
  • Creative Sound Blaster Tactic3D Rage

Here is a quick guide...

If you need a hand in setting up your wireless headphones with Switch. One thing to remember about using wireless headsets in portable mode, to use any of the applicable headsets while the Switch is undocked, you'll have to purchase a USB-C adapter and plug the receiver into it. Once you do, it'll be sound city.

The dongle solution

If you are looking to connect a Bluetooth headset to your Switch easily and you don't mind spending some money and carrying around a little extra bit of hardware, you could use a dongle to achieve your dreams. In 2018, some folks over on Kickstarter funded the heck out of a dongle called the Genki, meeting its goal in less than two hours. It looks to be beautifully designed and will look great plugged into the bottom of my Switch.

To find out more about this awesome little device, check out their page.

If you are more concerned with functionality than looks, you could always pick up a simple dongle on Amazon. This TaoTronics Bluetooth transmitter may not look quite as pretty, but for $30 it will do the same thing as the previously mentioned Genki adapter.

See at Amazon

Any questions?

Are you using a wireless headset with your Nintendo Switch? Share your experiences in the comments!

Updated August 2019: Removed a handful of headsets that have lost compatibility.

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