These smart kitchen devices at CES 2020 will help you cook smarter

GHSP inductive cooktop
GHSP inductive cooktop (Image credit: GHSP)

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for 2020 is in full swing. Among the new products making a debut in Las Vegas, Nevada are smart devices for the kitchen, including ones that chop and make food, grow plants, and more. Here are a few of our favorites.

GHSP Entertaining Induction Cooktop

Promising to completely change the home cooking experience, the GHSP Entertaining Induction Cooktop (shown above) features an integrated OLED display embedded into the entire cooking surface that uses a proprietary transparent thermal barrier. GHSP says this type of integration offers a wide range of applications, such as the ability to switch from a standard induction cooktop into a French Plaque cooking surface with a touch of a button.

The cooktop includes removable wireless control knobs, a 10.1-inch touch screen with fail-safe controls and cooking surface temperature monitoring, and an RFID recognition system that scans and identifies ingredients. Beyond this, the cooktop offers a visual safety warning if a pot or pan is too hot to touch and much more.

GE Appliances Kitchen Hub

GE Microwave

GE Microwave (Image credit: GE Appliances)

GE Appliances, a Haier company, has announced its 2020 Kitchen Hub, which includes a built-in microwave for the first time. The appliance is focused on creating a "cutting-edge digital cooking experience." The over-the-range interactive smart kitchen and ventilation system features cameras that allow the home chef to select a recipe based on the available ingredients. It also has the ability to detect the doneness of food items, raise or lower the oven temperature, and note any missing ingredients.

Other features include built-in Google Assistant, access to popular apps such as Netflix and Spotify, and more.

The 2020 Kitchen Hub is being released later this year at various price points.



Julia (Image credit: CookingPal)

Called an intelligent cooking system, the Julia by CookingPal is perhaps the most interesting new smart kitchen gadget to arrive in the early days of a new decade. The all-in-one appliance features a custom 8-inch Smart Kitchen Hub (Android-based) display and comes with a stainless steel 3-liter bowl, scale, and the ability to cook items up to 265 degrees Fahrenheit.

At launch later this year (for under $1,000), Julia promises to chop, mix, blend, knead, weigh, boil, emulsify, steam, grind, grate, whisk, and yes, cook.

Kohler Smart Faucets

Kohler Setra

Kohler Setra (Image credit: Kohler)

Featuring Kohler Konnect technology, the new Kohler Setra faucet features on/off voice control, presets, a water usage monitor and leak detector, and manual and touchless controls.

The Kohler Setra is $399 and only one of the many products being introduced by Kohler at CES 2020. The others include a wacky $10,000 smart toilet!

LG Harvester

LG Harvester

LG Harvester (Image credit: LG)

Countertop herb growing machines left a mark in the previous decade. For the 2020s, LG has taken indoor gardening to a new level. The LG Harvester is an indoor vegetable cultivator that uses light, temperature, and water controls to garden up to 24 seed packages of vegetables and herbs at the same time.

The LG Harvester has a release date and price to be announced.



SmartyPans (Image credit: SmartyPans)

SmartyPans automatically record recipes as you cook. The smart frying pan also includes weight and temperature sensors and reacts to your voice thanks to the free SmartyPans app.

Available in red, black, and orange, you can buy SmartyPans now for $229 each for the official website.

Juno thermoelectric beverage chiller

Juno Wine Chiller

Juno Wine Chiller (Image credit: iMore)

For those times when unexpected guests come knocking at your door, consider the Juno beverage chiller. From Matrix, the Juno uses thermoelectric power to chill a bottle of wine (and other beverages) in just minutes.

Currently accepting funding through an IndieGoGo campaign, Juno calls itself the "microwave for cooling." That sounds about right, although with an eventual retail price of $399, Juno could quickly stumble out of the gate.

Anova Precision Oven

Anova Precision Oven

Anova Precision Oven (Image credit: Anova)

Long delayed, the Anova Precision Oven finally makes its public debut at CES 2020. The connected and affordable sous vide device, promises useful features for singles and families alike. Using steam and high-tech heating algorithms, the Anova Precision Oven promises to offer faster and better cooking than traditional ovens.

The Anova Precision Oven arrives later this year for under $1,000.

Samsung Bot Chef

Samsung Bot Chef

Samsung Bot Chef (Image credit: Future)

Finally, visitors to CES 2020 are being treated to Samsung's Bot Chef, which consists of two white robot arms hung from a set of kitchen cabinets. With six degrees of freedom, four main arm joints, and three fingers, the Chef Bot can prepare foods such as salads through movements that mimic human arms.

The Bot Chef will probably never make its way into real kitchens. Nonetheless, it looks oh-so-cool so we've included it here.

Which CES 2020 kitchen gadgets would you like to hear more about? Let us know in the comments below.

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