Juno cooling appliance at CES 2020Source: Future

What you need to know

  • Juno is a countertop appliance for cooling drinks super fast.
  • Juno is created by Matrix, the same company that brought us the PowerWatch and PowerWatch 2.
  • The IndieGoGo campaign is over 50% funded already.

Trying to cool your drink fast is really hard to do. If you have a warm beer, sticking it in the fridge or even the freezer can take a long time to get to a nice optimal refreshing temperature, but this cool new gadget at CES 2020 plans to change all that.

Juno is a countertop appliance meant to cool drinks super fast! It can cool whole bottles of wine, cans of beer or soda, and even hot tea or coffee that you just brewed!

While the video doesn't give a ton of exact details on how it works, we know that it doesn't capture heat to harvest energy, but rather uses thermoelectric technology to cool drinks quickly. They also have said that it doesn't use any harmful chemicals or traditional refrigerants like Freon.

Much like the video shows, the process of using Juno is pretty straightforward. Open up the lid of the Juno, drop in a bottle, can, or even a tumbler, and close the lid. Once you've done that, press one of the buttons to choose how long you want to cool something. The LED light strip will display as red and shift to blue as the cooling process does on, become a solid blue line when the timer is finished. Remove your drink and enjoy it!

Juno is made by Matrix, which was the company behind the never-needs-recharging PowerWatch and PowerWatch 2 and while it has a working prototype at CES 2020, they are looking for funding to bring it to market. They are currently accepting funding on their IndieGoGo page, and at the time of publishing, are 54% funded with 30 days left in the IndieGoGo campaign.

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