Threes! creator's new game Beast Breaker coming to Nintendo Switch this summer

Beast Breaker Hero
Beast Breaker Hero (Image credit: Vodeo Games)

What you need to know

  • Beast Breaker, the first game from indie developer Vodeo Games, releases on the Switch and PC this summer.
  • Vodeo Games is a studio made up of experienced developers who promise to one game a year.
  • The team's philosophy is to create small, intimate games that can take years to fully master.

Beast Breaker, the inaugural game from indie developer Vodeo Games, which was founded by Threes! creator Asher Vollmer, is coming to the Nintendo Switch and PC this summer.

Announced on Vodeo Games' official Twitter page, Beast Breaker is described as a turn-based, mouse-bouncing adventure. You play as Skipper, a tiny mouse tasked with defending innocents from giant mosaic beasts that threaten to destroy everything. The game is a combination of pinball physics and tactical decision-making to create a unique game experience all its own.

The developer, Vodeo Games, is a team made up of highly experienced developers who have worked on both major releases and smaller indie titles.

The team pride themselves on creating cozy-crunchy game experiences. If you're curious what a cozy-crunchy game is. Vodeo Games defines it as "small, intimate games that you can curl up with and completely lose yourself in. At the same time, they are games full of complex, interlocking systems that can take years to fully master."

Vodeo Games was founded by Vollmer, who made the iOS puzzle games Threes! and Puzzlejuice, as well as the Apple Arcade exclusive Guildings. Vodeo Games is also working on a second game, but it's not quite ready to share information on what is tentatively known as Game #2.

Beast Breaker seems like a charming game and will surely fit in nicely with the other great indie games available on the Nintendo Switch.

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