Tick for iPhone lets you create todos in style with a colorful interface and uniquely personal experience

Tick is a new todo app for iPhone that's completely built around iOS 7 and its new color scheme. Beyond that, extra care has been taken so each person can customize and create their own experience.

Upon launching Tick, you'll know that it was made for iOS 7 specifically. From the gradients to the color schemes, it just fits. If you own an iPhone 5c, this is even more apparent.

The main menu of tick is a grid of icons that you can rearrange, reorder, and remove lists from. The item count represents how many todos you have inside that particular list. Tap into any list in order to view items, reorder them, or check them off. If you add an item, make sure you return to the main menu to check out the fun animations that each set of icons make when todos are added. To reorder items in a list or menu icons on the main task view itself, just hold down on any of the icons or list items and drag them in the position you'd like them in and release your finger.

Tick also supports gestures to swipe through different levels and menus. Swipe to the right from inside any list to return to the main menu. From there, swipe to the right again to go the Settings menu. You can choose to enable badge icons which will show a total count of how many tasks you have left to complete. Ambience mode will automatically switch between a light and a dark theme given the time of day. You can disable this if you'd like and manually use night mode if you prefer that.

The good

  • Easy to use interface
  • Great for users who want a simple todo list that looks great
  • The attention to detail and color matching makes it super fun to use on iOS 7, and even more-so on an iPhone 5c

The bad

  • No due date support, but again, Tick is made to be simple and easy to use

The bottom line

If you want a fun, easy to use todo app that you can make uniquely your own, look no further than Tick. From entertaining animations to beautiful translucent menus, Tick is an experience in its own. It's not meant to be the most advanced todo app in the world and that's okay. For those who want simple, light, and fun, Tick definitely won't disappoint.

Tick is currently on sale for two weeks to celebrate its launch for $0.99. After that, regular price will be $1.99.

$0.99 - Download Now

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