Tim Cook responds after Apple Watch saves man's life

Tim Cook
Tim Cook (Image credit: Apple)

What you need to know

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook has thanked a man for telling the story of how his Apple Watch saved his life.
  • Nitesh Chopra went to see a doctor after he took an ECG because he felt unwell.
  • A doctor's visit revealed he had a blocked artery and was able to receive life-saving care.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has thanked a Haryana dentist for telling the story of how an Apple Watch saved his life.

HT Tech reports how Haryana dentist Nitesh Chopra took an ECG because he was feeling unwell. His Apple Watch revealed atrial fibrillation, and after multiple similar readings, he decided to visit a doctor. Doctors at the hospital also took ECG's finding similar results and discovering Chopra' had a completely blocked artery, as a result, he was able to receive life-saving treatment.

Chopra's wife Neha emailed Tim Cook to thank him for the Apple Watch that saved her husband's life, to which Cook responded:

*I'm very glad you sought clinical evaluation and received the care you desired. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Have a good day. Best Wishes, Tim.

Thrilled with the story's happy ending, Nitesh's wife has decided to buy her own Apple Watch in order to monitor her own health. Nitesh told HT Tech he felt blessed and couldn't express his gratitude, stating that he used his watch as a fashion accessory, to check the time, and to track his steps, but "could not imagine" that one day the device would save his life.

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