Tiny Wings 2 teased for July 12 -- with old fashioned charm

Breakout indie gaming hit Tiny Wings was a 2011 iMore Editor's Choice Award winner, so you better believe we're looking forward to Tiny Wings 2. July 12 is the big day, according to developer Andreas Illiger.

Part of what made the original Tiny Wings so great was its simple, hand-crafted charm. Just a bird, momentum, mountains, and a race against the setting sun. That same charm positively explodes from the old fashioned teaser just released for the sequel.

So for some paper craft animation and punch hole music at its finest, as well as an almost literal easter egg at the end, check out the video and then start saving your pennies. If Tiny Wings 2 is even half as enthralling as the original, we'll be in for some long gaming sessions, and late nights come next Thursday.

Rene Ritchie

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