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Every week a few of us from team TiPb will bring you our current favorite, most fun and useful App Store apps, WebApps, jailbreak apps, even the occasional accessory, web site, or desktop app if the mood strikes us. As long as they’re iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch related, they’re fair game.

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Alli's pick: GreenPois0n (Jailbreak)

We have been waiting for this for quite some time, but it finally hit Thursday evening - too late for some of us to try right away, but in time to install for the weekend.

This latest jailbreak tool easily jailbreaks your iPhone/iPad/AppleTV running the latest official os. While I've heard stories of it not installing Cydia for some, it loaded Cydia right up for me.

If you haven't installed it already, hit the other Ally's article on installing and get your jailbreak on! #TeamJailbreak!

Ally's pick: Due

Last week we gave away a few codes. I also had never heard of Due or tried it out. I've found it extremely convenient for little reminders. I use Appigo ToDo for projects and tasks. I use Evernote for free form note taking and lists. Neither of them provide a great quick reminder system.

For this, Due is great. If I just need to remember to call a client, send an email, pick something up, or any other random little thing - I've started using Due. It takes all of 10 seconds to add a reminder and you're done. Simple, quick, and easy! Check it out!

[$2.99 - iTunes Link]

Andrew's pick: Smartr

Twitter is a very useful service for a number of reasons, but sometimes it can get a little chaotic. Smartr for iPhone analyzes your incoming tweets and strips out all the garbage, only displaying news headlines from the links your friends tweet. The app will even display the first snippet of text from the article below the headline if you want, and does so in a way that makes using Twitter for news a seamless experience. It's given me a completely different way of consuming the news through Twitter.

When you come across something you find interesting, just tap the tweet and it will take you to the full text article. You have the ability to save interesting articles to services like Instapaper and Read It Later or publish the story to other networks like Tumblr and Posterous. You can even pin articles you want to save for reading later, right from within the app. If you have a lot of friends on Facebook who post interesting links you can also hook right into your Facebook newsfeed as well. So if you're looking for a clean, simple and streamlined way to view the news on Twitter or Facebook then you'll definitely want to give Smartr a try!

[Free - iTunes link]

Brian's pick: NinJump Deluxe

NinJump Deluxe is the newest version to the game NinJump and it is a great upgrade from the original. It has stunning crisp clear graphics and is a blast to sit and play for extended periods. The goal is to ascend the level while avoiding running into objects on the way up the level. You simply tap the screen and the ninja will jump from one side to the other to avoid obstacles. Also you can kill enemies while you jump with your intense ninja powers! The game also incorporates Game Center leader boards so you can see how you stack up compared to your friends. It is definitely a fun and addictive game and even children can have fun playing as well!

[$0.99 - iTunes Link]

Chris O’s pick: Bop It

Bop It is a simple game that most people have played before. If you haven’t played it, you basically have to follow verbal commands which ask you to push buttons, twist or pull knobs and many other things. I used to have the original version of this game and we all loved playing it in our family. This time it is available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It sounds the same, but plays slightly differently. It is great fun and puts the iPhones capacitive screen to full use with different gestures for twist it, pull it etc. You can also twist the iPhone or pull it back in your hand for some of the moves.

There are two games available, solo and multiplayer then various different options after that. Since I bought the game I am struggling to put it down. Great fun!

[$2.99 - iTunes Link]

Chris V's pick: Chopper 2

My pick of the week is Chopper 2. I bought the original Chopper game when it game out, and recently bought the second version as well. It's a fun game to play - simple controls, straight forward goals, and addicting at the same time. The overall play is the same as the original version, although there are some slight differences in some of the controls. For example, you can not aim your machine gun by tapping different areas on the screen, rather than by simply aiming straight ahead. But the biggest improvement in the game is the graphics. Chopper has very simple, 2D graphics that were almost identical (or at least very similar) to the kind of graphics you might have seen in the game Choplifter (with some slight improvement based on the newer technology). Chopper 2 incorporates 3D textured landscapes, which really adds a lot to the game play. I thoght at first you would have to fly around in 3 dimensions, but the game keeps the same 2D movement graphics. In the past few days that I have been playing Chopper 2, I have found it to be rather addicting. Part pf this is due to the ease of learning and simplicity of game play. The first time I played, I was on my iPhone for about 30 minutes (until I got a low battery warning).

[$0.99 - iTunes link]

Leanna's pick: Waterlogged

I've recently been trying to make a better effort to drink more water, and Waterlogged is helping me in this endeavor. This little app allows me to log all the water I drink and watch a 64oz glass fill up with each entry that I make. After making a small in-app purchase, Waterlogged now sends me reminders to drink water throughout the day. It comes preset with a water bottle and a small 8oz glass to record, but you can also add your own cup and glass sizes (and picture) for frequent entries. If you didn't finish the full glass, select approximately how much you drank and Waterlogged will do the math and add it to your total water consumption. The visual of watching my glass fill up and frequent reminders does a fantastic job of encouraging me to drink more water.

[Free, with in-app purchases - iTunes link]

Rene's pick: Belguga Messenger

I hate IM. I hate it so much I really think the initials stand for Interrupting Me. I'm incredibly easily distracted and nothing stops me working faster than someone ping'ing me on IM to talk about work. That being said, IM does have a time and place and for me that time and place was Vegas during CES. Dieter, Phil, and I set up Beluga and a CES group. Yup, me on my iPhone 4, Dieter on his iPhone 4 and Nexus S, Phil on however many Android phones he brought with (might have been 765?). Some of the writers manning the HQ also jumped on to get stories and send marching orders (looking at AC's Jerry). Sometimes it was annoying, once and a while comedic, but often it just let us get stuff done, and setting up a group cut out the chit-chat of one-on-one conversations. (No, Kevin and the CB crew didn't join in -- they shook their heads and went back to BBM. Obviously not super-appy enough for their needs!).

So while I hate IM, Beluga pulled through when we needed it to and for that it gets a pick of the week push! If you want quick, clean, albeit proprietary IM for individuals and grounds, check it out.


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