Todoist now connects your task list to everything with IFTTT

The exemplary task management app Todoist has introduced IFTTT integration today, which means you can do some really cool stuff like have urgent Gmail messages marked as a new task to follow up, or automatically turn your new tasks into calendar items.

Triggers available include new task created, new task created with label, new completed task, and new completed task with label. As for actions, other IFTTT channels can create tasks within Todoist with due date, priority, and notes included.

If you haven't had a chance to check it out, Todoist syncs your task list across devices (though it works fine offline), plugs into Dropbox and Google Drive for relevant files which can be previewed in the app, and pops up in Google Now once in awhile. Be sure to check it out and sign up for free, and give the IFTTT integration a go. Also, be sure to download the IFTTT app to cook up recipes right on your device.

Which apps are you guys using to manage your tasks? Have you activated any particularly useful IFTTT recipes lately?

Source: IFTTT

Simon Sage

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