The Nintendo Switch certainly is a great handheld console. I mean, you can play your games on a big screen TV or take them on-the-go! Seriously, it's become my favorite console to date, and I wish all the games I play were available on the Switch, because it's all I need in life.

However, if you plan on taking your Nintendo Switch anywhere, you'll need a case of some sort to transport it in. After all, the Switch is a bit bigger than Nintendo's previous handhelds, and it doesn't fold over, so the screen's exposed.

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There are plenty of case options for the Nintendo Switch out there, but if you're looking for something relatively inexpensive, the tomtoc Slim Hard Shell case may be worth checking out.

Slim and stylish protection

tomtoc Slim Hard Shell Case for Nintendo Switch

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Bottom line: If you want something minimal and thin that still offers excellent protection for your Nintendo Switch, this case does the job.

The Good:

  • Tough, water-resistant exterior
  • Soft materials on the inside prevent scratching the console
  • Can hold up to eight more game cards
  • Easy to toss in a bag and go

The Bad:

  • Can't hold additional accessories
  • No handle to carry if you don't have a bag to throw it in

Tough and rugged on the outside

The tomtoc Slim Hard Shell case features a tough EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) material on the outside, so it can pretty much withstand anything you throw at it.

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For those who don't know, EVA's used for devices in the military, medical, and industrial fields, so this is some pretty durable stuff. Knowing this, it's easy to see how this slim case can withstand everyday wear and tear, as well as drops, so your Nintendo Switch is safe.

It feels almost like canvas on the outside, and the shell has raised areas to prevent pressure from being applied directly to the joysticks and buttons.

There's also two premium-quality YKK zippers and pulling heads to make zipping the case up easy and smooth. These zippers are reliable and feel incredibly sturdy, so even though the case is inexpensive, the zippers don't fall apart on you.

However, be warned that because of this unique shell design, there is a tiny bit of space between the shell and the screen. And even though it's made from EVA materials, the case can compress inwards if you apply enough force to it, so you should be careful of putting it in a bag with a lot of extra weight on top. It may take a lot of force and pressure to damage the screen from compression while in this case, but it's entirely possible.

Still, the shell should withstand normal use, so one doesn't have much to worry about. Plus, the case is water-resistant, so you can keep it safe from splashes and rain.

A total softie on the inside

The inside of the tomtoc Slim case is lined with a soft and smooth material that won't scratch up the front or back of your Nintendo Switch console.

Along the inside hinge of the case is a storage flap, where you can store up to eight additional game cards for your Switch. The cards fit snugly in these slots, and it's easy to slide them in and remove them when you need to.

The backside of the flap is covered in a luxurious, velvety material that helps keep your screen clean. Since this side is what goes on top of your Switch's screen when the case is closed, it helps wipe away fingerprint smudges or other fine scratches on your screen (or screen protector).

Slim and thin is the name of the game

The tomtoc Slim is definitely one of the thinnest cases that you can pick up for your Nintendo Switch. It clocks in at only 1-inch thickness, so it doesn't take up too much room in a backpack, briefcase, or larger purse.

It's minimalism at its finest, but still protects my console well since it's so durable.

However, because of the slim profile, you won't be able to store many accessories, if any, inside the shell. Maybe a charging cable or earbuds, but nothing more than that.

Tomtoc does provide a drawstring pouch made from a heavier felt material so you can store extras if needed, but you'll have to carry that around. It's optional, of course, or you can just use it to store whatever and have it laying around somewhere in the house.

Minimalist protection for gamers

Overall, the tomtoc Slim Hard Shell case is one of my favorites when it comes to taking my Nintendo Switch outside of the house. It's minimalism at its finest, but still protects my console well since it's so durable. It's easy to carry too, and you can literally just toss it into a bag and not worry about it. I've done this many times when going to Disneyland, and have had zero issues!

And the best part? The case itself is relatively inexpensive (between $17-19), with several color options to choose from. This makes it perfect even if you're on a budget.

4.5 out of 5

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