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What you need to know

  • A rumor claims that Touch ID is coming to Apple Watch.
  • That's according to The Verifier and iUpdate.
  • The next Apple Watch will feature it in the Digital Crown, the following version will have a fingerprint scanner under the screen.

A report claims that Apple is planning to introduce Touch ID to Apple Watch as early as next year, in the Apple Watch Series 6.

According to The Verifier and in partnership with iUpdate:

Another tip we got is that Apple is already working on the next version of the watch that is expected to be released in 2021. While in Series 6, launched this year, the option to release the watch will be released with a fingerprint embedded on the "crown" of the watch (the physical button on the side of the watch) in the next version ( Series 7?) Will support the fingerprint clock below the screen itself.

Recent patent publications from Apple have revealed how Apple could add light and touch sensors to the Digital Crown of the Apple Watch, including provisions for analyzing fingerprints. Apple has also patented Touch ID technology that can be housed anywhere under a device's display. All of this is to say that Apple has the tech to add Touch ID to the Apple Watch either under the display or within the Digital Crown as this report suggests. As noted, the report claims that Apple will introduce the feature to the Digital Crown of the Apple Watch in 2021. The next iteration of Apple Watch will feature Touch ID within the display.

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The only thing that doesn't make sense about this rumor is the switch from two different applications of Touch ID within two device cycles. If Apple wants to incorporate Touch ID into Apple Watch, then surely it would focus on the final imagined application it has for the feature, rather than shoehorning it into the Digital Crown before adding it again the following year in a different configuration.

The Verifier's report also claims that Apple is planning a large overhaul of watchOS with watchOS 7, and that this will mark the end of support for the Apple Watch Series 2. Improvements to Siri are also expected. The report further claims that Apple Watch Series 6 will include a beefier battery, as well as support for LTE and WiFi 6.