Filmlog ArtworkSource: Simon Braun

What you need to know

  • Filmlog tracks all the movies you've seen as well as the ones you want to.

There are more streaming services now than ever before and keeping track of the movies you want to watch, not to mention the ones you've already seen, can be a full-time job in itself. Filmlog hopes to make it easier and, dare I say, fun.

Created to be a movie diary, Filmlog displays movies in the form of gorgeous poster art which means your iPhone will be a gorgeous collage of all the movies you've seen soon enough. Those movies with multiple poster options also mean you get to choose which one to use – something I spent more time doing than I'd care to admit.

Once you've added a movie to your list, you can share it via social networks like Instagram, too.

Filmlog Update ArtSource: Simon Braun

Filmlog is your private movie diary and best companion for a personal overview of your seen, unseen and favorited movies. With its fast and universal search as well as the look up of information on movies, actors and cast members, it is a useful and delightful experience. Filmlog focuses on a private experience with no account or registration required. Sharing is available via Universal Links and Instagram Storys, it makes sharing makes interacting with movies easy: just send your excitement about a movie via link to someone.

Filmlog is free in its standard form, but a Filmlog Plus in-app purchase offers more features and the ability to change the app's icon. Filmlog Plus features include:

  • Searching for people like actors
  • Select individual posters
  • Taking notes about a movies
  • Show all filmographies for crew and staff
  • Changing the AppIcon
  • Show/hide the date tiles on the main screen

You can download Filmlog from the App Store now.

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