Train your dog like an expert with Pupster

Let's get one thing straight: all animals are a gift, and definitely better than people. I realize that maybe that's a hot take, but I'm just livin' my truth. However, pure as they are, some of our fur-covered buds out there aren't the most well-behaved and considerate creatures in the world — especially if they're young. Enter Pupster, the world's first expert-guided, completely personalized dog training app. Whether you've got an unruly puppy or a longtime doggy BFF that's looking for a little enrichment, Pupster wants to help.

According to Pupster founder Matt Saucedo, the idea for the app came to him when he was looking for ways to better interact with his two senior dogs, Sophie and Meika:

They were less active, less interested in their food, and tug of war just wasn't cutting it anymore. After connecting with Nicole Ellis, a CPDT-KA and celebrity dog trainer and learning how the right training can help dogs live healthier, happier, and longer lives, I knew I had to create a centralized resource to help other dog owners better care for their dogs as well.

With Pupster, pet parents can access expert training, behavior help, and trick tips for their dogs in easy to understand short video "training sessions" led by aforementioned pro and celebrity dog trainer, Nicole Ellis. Users can customize their lessons based on what they'd like to accomplish with their dog and their dog's age, giving them a tailored experience that they can both enjoy.

One of the coolest parts about the app is that it's game-like and very goal-oriented. Much like an exercise tracker or certain language-learning apps, each individual owner has a profile where they can track their daily streaks, earn fun achievements, and see which skills their pup has mastered. It makes each challenge feel like something the owner and dog conquer as a team. Cooler still, more challenges are added all the time, so even if you're basically the dog whisperer you and your dog will never get bored. And if you're definitely not the dog whisperer and get stuck on a trick or skill, Pupster also offers one-on-ones with expert trainers who will listen to your issue and give you seasoned advice.

Finally, if you want to add a little more to your doggo's playtime, Pupster will recommend toys and other products based on their individual needs that you can then shop for right within the app.

Now, go forth and be the best human/doggie duo there ever was!


What do you think of Pupster? If you have a dog, are you going to give it a try? Share in the comments!

Tory Foulk

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