Transfer your files smarter with the iKlips miReader 4K!

Transferring files in 2017 can still feel clunky and outdated. With video files getting bigger and bigger and traditional flash drives going the way of the dinosaur, so you need an accessory that allows you to easily transfer data from your camera to your phone so you can edit and share your photos and videos on the go.

Get the iKlips miReader 4K for just $46.99!

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Yes, the days of dealing with flash drives to transfer and carry your data are over — or they will be over once you get the iKlips miReader 4K. It plugs right into your iPhone or iPadvia the Lightning connector and includes a micro USB and micro SD card slot so you can share files between Mac, Windows and cloud drives, and expand your device's memory

The iKlips miReader 4K can be yours for only $46.99, a savings of 20% off the regular price. This accessory is infinitely portable, so you'll always have it on you when you need it. It supports all the major file formats including RAW images so you edit like a pro. Alternatively, you can also use the device to bypass your device's storage and record high-resolution video directly to a micro SD card.

Transfer files easier than ever for under $50!

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If you take a lot of photos or videos and want a better way of transferring them between your iPhone, iPad and Mac, get yourself the iKlips miReader 4K from iMore Digital Offers for just $46.99. It's available in your choice of either black or white.

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