Treblab FX100 Extreme Bluetooth Speaker review: Rough and ready

Treblab Fx-100
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Bottom Line: For anyone that tends to be rough on their devices, from outdoor enthusiasts to toddlers, the Treblab FX100 is a rugged Bluetooth speaker that will weather most any adventure. The shockproof, water-resistant speaker is built tough, and it will also function as a power bank for your other devices when there's no outlets around!


  • +

    Shockproof, impact-absorbing rubber exterior

  • +

    Water resistant

  • +

    Works as a power bank for other devices

  • +

    TWS support to pair with another speaker

  • +

    Loud, clear HD sound quality


  • -

    Microphone is not the best

  • -

    Treble sounds too dominant in some songs

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Treblab Fishing

Treblab Fishing (Image credit: iMore / Jaclyn Kilani)

Here's a heavy-duty bluetooth speaker that will accompany you on your greatest adventures. It's certified shockproof, dirt-proof, and water resistant against any number of rough and tumble activities. The Treblab FX100 Extreme Bluetooth Speaker makes a great camping buddy especially, since it also functions as a 7000mAh power bank to charge your other devices. I wouldn't use it to make any work calls, but it does have a functioning microphone and voice assistant compatibility. In this article I'll go over its many benefits, as well as a couple of less favorable qualities that I came across.

This speaker don't play

TREBLAB FX100: Features

The Treblab FX100 is not playing around. It has a unique combination of features that I haven't seen in other Bluetooth speakers. For one, the impact-absorbing rubber exterior keeps the speakers and button controls safe from heavy drops and falls. This combined with IPX4 water resistance makes it a good companion for outdoor activities. Advanced Bluetooth 5 technology, 10W speakers, and 360º output make for a clear, loud sound that listens great from all directions.

The other most notable feature is definitely the FX100's functionality as a backup power bank for charging other devices. This makes it an excellent companion during outdoor activities where no access to electrical outlets is available. This is made possible by a massive 7000mAh battery that can last for up to 35 hours of playtime.

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Extreme Bluetooth SpeakerTREBLAB FX100
TypeShockproof Bluetooth Speaker
Speakers10W speakers with a built-in subwoofer
ConnectivityBluetooth 5
Signal range33 ft
Water-resistanceIPX4 water resistance & shockproof
CompatibilityTWS compatibility for pairing two FX100 speakers
MicrophoneBuilt-in cVc 6.0 microphone for phone calls
Ports3.5mm AUX port and micro USB
Battery10-hour charge, up to 35-hour playback
WarrantyOne-year replacement warranty

Other features include 33ft of Bluetooth signal range and a built-in subwoofer and microphone, as well as a one-year full replacement warranty. Finally, TWS support allows you to pair two FX100s for a more powerful, surround sound effect. This is great for parties and outdoor activities where you need a louder sound over a larger area.

Tough power source

TREBLAB FX100: What I like

Treblab 4wheeler

Treblab 4wheeler (Image credit: iMore / Jaclyn Kilani)

There's plenty to like about the Treblab FX100 Extreme Bluetooth Speaker. I love the fact that it's shockproof, durable, and water resistant. You can tell right out of the box that this is a serious speaker. It's encased in a tough rubber exterior that will clearly hold up to some rough treatment. This is great not only because I live on a farm, but also because my kids love to listen to music, so a "kid-proof" speaker is very necessary. I've taken this one fishing and my daughter took it on a couple of rides on the ATV. Despite a few splashes and the beatings it has taken, the FX100 continues to function beautifully and always delivers a lovely sound.

I even let my Dad borrow it when he was building a new shed; he claims that the speaker held up well on the job site and was loud enough to be heard clearly over the din of power tools, so its performance is in no question. The FX100 delivers a rich sound that is clear and pure, even at the loudest volume levels. I've never heard any distortion with any type of music.

The power bank functionality of the Treblab FX100 is a genius feature because it's exactly what you need during outdoorsy activities like fishing, camping, and hiking.

I also truly appreciate the unique power bank functionality of the Treblab FX100. This is a genius feature because it's exactly what you need during outdoorsy activities like fishing, camping, and hiking. Not only will it hold up under some pretty extreme treatment, it will charge your phone at the same time! The power bank came in real handy when my iPhone died during a fishing trip. The power bank charged it up quickly and still had over 50% battery capacity left to keep playing music.

A bit less bump

TREBLAB FX100: What I don't like

I did notice a couple of things on the Treblab FX100 that could use a little improvement. First, the microphone functions but it's not the best. The speaker comes with a handy phone button that you can use to answer and end calls that come in from your phone. This is a convenient feature, but I have to stand right next to it and speak loudly to be heard on a phone call, so I certainly wouldn't try to use the FX100 to take any important phone calls or work calls.

The only other thing was a bass sound that was a little less bumpin' than what I am used to from Treblab. This is obviously because the FX100 has only one built-in subwoofer, while my other Treblab speaker - the HD77 - has two. So I am accustomed to a good punchy bass from my Treblab speakers, and this one reverberated a bit less. It's not a dealbreaker, but it does make the treble notes sound a bit too strong in comparison. I compensated for this in the Music app's equalizer to get the perfect balance I was looking for.

Bottom Line

Treblab Work

Treblab Work (Image credit: iMore / Jaclyn Kilani)

If you're looking for a sturdy (and kid-proof!) Bluetooth speaker to take with you on your roughest adventures, the Treblab FX100 will deliver. The shockproof sound box will take a heavy beating and some splashes as well. Whether you're fishing, hiking, camping, or rock climbing, you won't have to worry about damaging the FX100 from a few drops, falls, or splashes. It's also great for kids like mine who like to tote their tunes around with them.

This is also your best friend on a camping trip because it serves as an excellent power bank for all your other devices! Charge up your cellphones and tablets without depleting its big 7000mAh battery. For outdoor adventures, there's really no better Bluetooth speaker in this price range. While the microphone is not the best, I don't think the FX100 was intended for conference calls, so this doesn't take away much from the device. It's an excellent choice for enjoying loud, rich sound in a wide variety of outdoor and indoor situations.

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