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You've got a fantastic Mac, whether it's an iMac or an M1 Pro/Max MacBook Pro or any other model. Sure, you've got an excellent display, but what about sound? The best Mac speakers can turn your Mac from a squeaking mouse to a roaring lion. But which speakers should you get? We've rounded up some of the best Mac speakers, so strap yourself in, hold onto your hats, and ride the waves!

Homepod Mini 2021 Colors Render Cropped

Apple magic: HomePod mini - Smart speaker

Staff Favorite

Apple's HomePod mini packs quite a punch for such a small device, with 360-degree audio, so it sounds great from all angles. Much more than a speaker, it can perform a variety of tasks using Siri. Use just one or get several to fill your home with sound. As long as your HomePod mini and your Mac are on the same Wi-Fi network, you can use AirPlay to stream content from your Mac to your HomePod mini.

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Fill the room with sound: Audioengine A2+ Plus Wireless Speaker

You can connect these beauties (available in several colors) to any Bluetooth-enabled device. You get built-in analog power amplifiers, dual analog audio inputs, USB audio input, aptX codec, hand-finished wood cabinets, variable audio output, subwoofer connection, custom aramid fiber woofers, silk tweeters, and power-saving idle mode. The price includes two speakers.

NUMWO Portable Bluetooth Speaker

On the go: NUBWO Portable Bluetooth Speaker for Mac

Not everyone needs the room-filling surround sound of a high-end speaker. If you just want a little something to boost your Mac's sound, something you can pack into a bag or take from room to room, NUBWO's portable speaker will fit the bill.

From $11 at Amazon
Logitech Speaker System Z313

Great value: Logitech Speaker System Z313 with Subwoofer

The Z313 system comes with a powered subwoofer and two satellite speakers to deliver 25 watts of total power. That's enough to fill your room and then some. While the full range sounds excellent at normal volumes, the highest of the high-end does fall a bit flat and can get pretty tinny. However, fiddling with the equalizer sorts this issue out.

Edifier Luna Eclipse

Great connectivity: Edifier Luna Eclipse

These large egg-shaped speakers are perfect to use with your Mac with either a wired or wireless connection — thanks to the addition of Bluetooth — and offer some very impressive sound, all controllable from the custom remote. The Edifier Luna Eclipse even has a Digital Optical connection, so you could use this pair with your TV or other home entertainment devices if you choose.

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Stylish looks: Edifier G2000 32W Computer Speakers

Get high-quality stereo sound performance from this Hi-Fi full range unit with backward mega bass port 16W RMS power, 32W total peak power, subwoofer output interface, diverse EQ modes, and full-range audio. Elevate your gaming experience with 12 RGB lighting effects. The speakers come in black or white.

From $99 at Amazon

Upgrade your sound

You've got a great Mac, such as the colorful iMac or an M1 Pro/Max MacBook Pro for example. You may even have a 4K monitor for stunning visuals. But what about sound? Your Mac will sound better and be louder if you connect a dedicated set of speakers to it, rather than relying on the internal speakers. While super simple to install, external speakers can make your favorite movies, music, video games, podcasts, and more come to life. Any of the best Mac speakers listed above are going to help you turn your Mac up to 11!

It's hard not to love the HomePod mini. Its compact size and sleek looks are a bonus; Apple engineering puts out some fantastic sound. Of course, it's much more than a speaker. It's a whole-home assistant, virtually the embodiment of Siri. In fact, I probably use mine more often as a Siri device than I use it as a speaker. You can buy just one or get multiple HomePod minis for a room (or an entire home) filled with sound. Since in comes in five different colors, you're sure to find one that fits your decor to perfection.

On the other hand, if you're just looking for something compact, portable, and inexpensive to boost your sound, I'd go with the NUBWO Portable Bluetooth Speaker. This little cutie comes in a few different colors to go with your decor, and it looks sleek next to your Mac.

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