Best computer speakers for Mac in 2024

If you like the welcoming thump of a nice woofer, you want to hear lyrics with absolute clarity, and need your action films to really hit, the best computer speakers for Mac will sort you out. 

Most desktop displays tend to miss out on speakers, and those that include them rarely push the boat in regards to audio quality. As the last thing many users think of when setting up their Mac, a really nice set of speakers can often be overlooked in favor of the flashier light-up keyboard and mouse. However, you don't want to neglect your audio source as you miss out on so many of the best parts of a Mac without them. Loaded with software for editing music and videos, and even some pretty great games, Macs are the ultimate productivity machine and a tidy set of speakers to pop on your desk could help a lot. 

However, part of the problem with shopping around is there are so many choices from different brands. It can be easy to just pick one and hope it's the best. iMore is here to save you from that headache. Here are the very best computer speakers for Mac out there.

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How to upgrade the sound of your Mac

So you've already got a shiny new Mac, be that a super colorful iMac, or a meaty MacBook Pro M2. You may have a fancy 4K monitor so that what you're looking at looks good too - but what about sound?

Your Mac will sound so much better when you link up a dedicated set of speakers, rather than relying on the internal speakers. You need only slap them on the desk, plug them into the wall, and hook them up to your computer. That's it. If you do, you can enjoy better sound for all your favorite music, movies, video games, and podcasts. Every single one of the speakers above is going to make a massive difference.

We particularly love the HomePod 2. It's a little bigger than the HomePod mini, and a little more expensive too, but it pumps out some of the best sound quality for its size this side of $500. It can also act as the center for a smart home setup as well, and you'll be surprised how useful Siri can be. If you buy multiple for around the house you can control them all separately too, and do so from the comfort of your desktop Mac. 

Looking for making some noise with something without an Apple logo on it? The Ruark Audio MR1 MK2 speakers are an excellent choice. They're attractive in thier finish, and there's a control on the top to manually dial the volume. They're simple to set up, and they pump out sound with a quality that far exceeds their price point. A great option.

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