TREBLAB HD77 Bluetooth Speaker review: Instant surround sound

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Bottom Line: Equipped with dual subwoofers and TWS pairing technology, the compact TREBLAB HD77 is an excellent all-around Bluetooth speaker for home use, parties, camping, or outdoor activities. It has an IPX6 waterproof rating and shockproof durability, so this is one speaker that can weather all of your adventures.


  • +

    Great bass and all-around sound quality

  • +

    Pairs with another speaker for a surround-sound feel

  • +

    360º emission lets you hear it from any angle

  • +

    Portable and tough enough for outdoor use


  • -

    Indoor Bluetooth range is less than outdoor range

  • -

    "Battery low" warning starts too early and sounds too often

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If you're still rocking a one-way wireless speaker from 2016, it's time to upgrade your audio game. I recently got my hands on a TREBLAB HD77 Bluetooth speaker with 360º HD sound and dual-speaker pairing capabilities. All I can say is, it's about time! I didn't realize what I was missing with my outdated wireless speaker. Although it's pretty compact, the HD77 belts out 25W of HD sound that goes beautifully with DualBass subwoofers to kick up the bass. My favorite part is the listening effect of pairing two Bluetooth speakers together.

The bells and whistles

TREBLAB HD77: Features

Treblab Hd77 Bluetooth Speaker

Treblab Hd77 Bluetooth Speaker (Image credit: Jaclyn Kilani / iMore)

As a mid-line Bluetooth speaker that's not too expensive, the TREBLAB HD77 offers a unique set of features I don't see in other speakers at this price point. The sound that this compact device produces is truly impressive - loud and powerful, with 360º 25W speakers that push your music into every corner of the room. That's not to mention the dual subwoofers that you really can feel at a short distance away. Here's a rundown of the basic specs:

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Bluetooth SpeakerTREBLAB HD77
Type360º TWS Bluetooth speaker
Speakers25W 360º speakers
BassDualBass double subwoofers
ConnectivityBluetooth 4.2
Signal range33 ft
Water-resistanceIPX6 water resistance & shockproof
CompatibilityTWS compatibility for pairing two Bluetooth speakers
MicrophoneBuilt-in cVc 6.0 microphone for phone calls
Ports3.5mm AUX port and micro USB
Battery4-hour charge, up to 20-hour playback
WarrantyOne-year replacement warranty

In addition to its sound capacity, I love how you can increase the capabilities of the speaker by adding a second TWS speaker to the mix. With two of these 360º speakers, I'm able to create a resounding listening experience that feels like real surround sound. As you can see in the chart above, it is highly water-resistant and shockproof as well, so you can take it along on all of your outdoor adventures.

Instant surround sound

TREBLAB HD77: What I like

Treblab Hd77 Bluetooth Speaker

Treblab Hd77 Bluetooth Speaker (Image credit: Jaclyn Kilani / iMore)

There's plenty of things I like about the TREBLAB HD77, but what really stood out to me was the TWS compatibility that allowed me to pair it to another speaker and produce instant surround sound. This is priceless when I want to create a party-like atmosphere at a backyard barbecue without cashing in for a big expensive sound system.

Even when it's not paired to another speaker, I have nothing but praise for the sound produced by this compact device. At 25W, it will emit loud HD sound that is pure and crisp. Here you have clear highs and a deep, resonating bass that is surprising for its small size.

This is priceless when I want to create a party-like atmosphere without cashing in for a big expensive sound system.

Finally, the long battery life and outdoor range are worth a mention. At lower indoor volumes, the TREBLAB HD77 lasted at least 20 hours, maybe a little more. I haven't tested it long at full volume, but I imagine it would have a shorter lifespan when played at higher volumes. When outdoors, I can walk a good 40 feet away from this speaker without any loss of sound quality, but this range does decrease indoors, which takes me to the next section.

That annoying little voice

TREBLAB HD77: What I don't like

I don't have any big complaints about the TREBLAB HD77, but I do have some little ones. While the battery life is impressive, the low battery warnings seem to begin when the battery is at about 3% capacity, which wouldn't be a big problem if they didn't sound off every. thirty. seconds. That's almost 20 minutes of constant warnings, so if you're not in a place to immediately pull out the charger, that little warning voice gets very old very fast. I mean, this is obviously not a dealbreaker, but it did get on my nerves a bit.

I also noticed that the indoor Bluetooth range is much less than the outdoor range. In a two-story house with lots of walls and partitions, it can't hold up the full 33 feet of range. Usually, this is not a problem for me personally, especially when the outdoor range is 40 feet or more.

Bottom Line

Treblab Hd77 Bluetooth Speaker

Treblab Hd77 Bluetooth Speaker (Image credit: Jaclyn Kilani / iMore)

For someone who needs a versatile all-around Bluetooth speaker that can produce beautiful sound in a variety of indoor and outdoor situations, this is the speaker for you. The 360º HD sound, TWS compatibility, and dual subwoofers combine for a delicious listening experience with any type of music, while the waterproof rating, shockproof design, and portability make it a great outdoor companion as well.

Connect two speakers for instant surround-like sound, or use the included carabiner to attach it to your backpack for a long hike. From parties to campsites, I can use the HD77 anywhere. While the low battery warning is a bit annoying, it's no big deal when stacked against so many cool features. I give two thumbs up to the TREBLAB HD77.

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