Trustful encrypts and puts your private photos and videos behind Touch ID and Face ID

Trustful Mac Ipad Iphone
Trustful Mac Ipad Iphone (Image credit: Maulik Sutariya)

What you need to know

  • Trustful encrypts your private photos and videos so nobody can access them without your master password or biometric approval.
  • There are iPhone, iPad, and Mac apps with encrypted iCloud syncing.

Our iPhones, iPads, and Macs all have a plethora of photos and videos on them. Some of those might be items that we don't want anyone to be able to see, even if they have access to the device they live on. Trustful is an app that makes that possible by encrypting photos and videos and then hiding them behind a master password or, if you prefer, Face ID and Touch ID.

With apps available for all three Apple platforms, Trustful has all the bases covered. And it's focusing on your privacy to the point of avoiding third-party SDKs and frameworks.

Trustful does not collect any kind of data, absolutely none. No use of third party SDK's or frameworks to ensure maximum privacy. There are no ads or analytics in the App. Your data is yours & only yours. No one in this world can see or access your photos or videos stored in the Trustful app (locally or in the cloud).

That's made possible thanks to encryption – that thing some governments want banned.

Every photo and video is encrypted locally and in iCloud using the secret key and master password, which only you know in this entire world. Photos & videos always exist in an encrypted form, they are decrypted live only when you open & unlock the app. As soon as the app goes to background or is closed, no data can be accessed locally since everything is always in encrypted form. Every photo & video that Is synced to iCloud is always in encrypted form.

That all sounds very good, but it's all useless if the app won't accept your files. Thankfully, Trustful supports all of the usual suspects including JPG, PNG, HEIC, Live Photo, GIF, TIFF, MOV, HEIF, MP4. That's everything you're likely to be creating with an iPhone, for example.

Once your data is inside Trustful you can take advantage of metadata and smart searching to find what you're looking for as well. You can read all about the details over on the Trustful website.

You can download Trustful from the App Store now. It's free with in-app purchases available.

Oliver Haslam

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