Iphone Connected To RaidSource: Will It Work?

What you need to know

  • Sometimes your data just doesn't feel safe unless it's on a RAID 1 array.

We all want to make sure that our data is as safe as possible and sometimes we don't trust the cloud with it. So where do we put that data? You put it on a RAID 1 array, of course.

Well, no, you probably don't. But you could! That's something we now know thanks to the YouTube channel Will It Work? and I know I'll sleep better tonight.

Check it out.

In this video, I will attempt to connect the iPhone to a RAID 1 array. I will also test whether data copied from the iPhone to the array is truly mirrored.

RAID 1 is a technology that allows data to be written to two storage devices at the same time. In theory, that should mean that your data is safe even if one of those devices fails, making it ideal for important data. Like the photo of your dog doing that funny thing that one time.

The whole thing was made possible thanks to a RAID dock of some sort and an Apple adapter cable. Pretty sweet, right?

Sure, nobody's going to do this, nor should they. But it scratches that geek itch just so regardless!