TVCatchup mobile apps losing channels following legal action

TVCatchup has been a favorite among UK iPhone owners for many a year, offering a free way to watch domestic television on the go. Sadly, the TV providers haven't all been fans of the service, and following legal proceedings some changes are now to be made to the TVCatchup offering.

We enjoy excellent relationships with most of those whose content we carry, but this sadly hasn't proved to be the case with all of the public service broadcasters (PSBs). Whilst the outcome so far of the ensuing proceedings has been undeniably favourable to TVC, the rights that have been granted in the process entail certain responsibilities on our part. We pride ourselves in always working within the law, we accordingly felt it necessary to remove a certain amount of the channels to avoid perpetuating contention.

As a result, some channels have now been removed completely from the mobile apps, while offering a redirect to the broadcasters own services via the web client. Other channels such as ITV1, Channel 4 and Channel 5 are no longer available to watch via the mobile apps using a cellular connection. It wouldn't be so much of a pain if the providers own apps were better than they are right now.

TVCatchup does say that additional content, including HQ channels will be added going forward, but it's a sad piece of news for those of us – myself included – that make regular use of the service. How does this affect your own usage?

Source: TVCatchup

Richard Devine

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