Tweak of the week: Fullscreen for iPad [jailbreak]

Fullscreen for iPad is a jailbreak tweak that allows you take full advantage of the iPad's screen real estate complete with multitouch and gesture support. It integrates right into Safari so there's no second browser to download or deal with. Just install it and start enjoying fullscreen browsing.

Once you've got Fullscreen for iPad installed you can hop into Settings to configure how you want it to behave. You have single, double, and triple tap actions as well as one, two, and three finger swipes. There are multiple actions you can choose from such as closing tabs, going back or reloading pages, toggling fullscreen mode, and opening bookmarks.

While Safari is a great browser on its own I've always found that tapping the menu bar to bring down the bookmarks menu or having to tap consecutively to close tabs to not be a very fluid experience. Fullscreen for iPad solves this problem by adding gesture support for the most commonly used browsing commands. I've set double tapping with two fingers to enter full screen mode. From there I can swipe down with two fingers to close a tab without ever leaving fullscreen mode. The only thing I really need to go to the main menu for anymore is to type in an address or a search term.

You can also disable any gestures completely that you don't want to accidentally use by mistake. Just set that gesture to "none" under Settings and it won't do anything. The thing I like so much about Fullscreen for iPad is that it works flawlessly with the built-in browser and there's no new browser or window to use. Tweaks and apps that use their own browser become a problem when you open a link in an e-mail or other application since it will natively want to use Safari. You won't have that problem with Fullscreen for iPad since it just integrates right into the browser you already have.

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Allyson Kazmucha

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