Popular Twitter client Tweetbot has been updated, with version 4.3 adding a new feature that's perfect for live tweeting. With Topics, you can easily chain Tweets together without the need to manually reply to your self, or continually add the same hashtag over and over.

Tweetbot's Topics will make creating your next 'tweetstorm' a snap

To create new Topics or access existing ones, open the compose screen and select the gear icon in the bottom left. Tap Topics, and you can create a topic, or select an existing one to put your next tweet under it. Topics can sync over iCloud, and are available on both iPhone and iPad.

Tweetbot 4.3 features a number of other improvements:

  • You can now hide the extra side column on the iPad
  • Much better support for hardware keyboards, including using arrow keys to navigate the timeline
  • iPad images are no longer super huge
  • You can paste images when composing a Tweet, really useful when using GIF (with a hard G) keyboards
  • Support for Arabic language, including Right to Left UI
  • Muting a user you don't follow will now also prevent Tweets from that user from showing up in your Mentions, Lists and Searches
  • Support for Twitter Collections
  • Quoting a Tweet looks much nicer when composing a Tweet
  • Support for Firefox browser
  • Improved support for uploading video to Twitter
  • Fixed an issue where timeline would get stuck

You can pick up Tweetbot 4.3 from the App Store now.

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