Twitter rolls out new pinned list feature for iOS

What you need to know

  • Twitter is rolling out a new feature for iOS users that will let them pin lists..
  • Twitter tested out the feature earlier this year but is now rolling it out to users.
  • Users can pin five lists to the timeline and easily swipe between them.

Twitter is rolling out a new feature that will let users pin five lists to their timeline. The feature was tested earlier in the summer but is now rolling out to iOS users starting today.

Twitter announced the new update in a tweet. In you are unfamiliar with lists, they are customizable ways of following people in forum that is different from the timeline. The curated lists is a way of creating a filtered Twitter experience away from the bloated and algorithm-heavy timeline that can easily get out of hand.

iOS users will be able to pin five lists to their timeline and easily switch between them by swiping to each list.

Twitter is also updating the lists page on the app that divides unpinned lists from pinned lists. An edit button will be located at the top right corner that will let users change or delete pinned lists.

The Twitter update is now rolling out for iOS users.

Danny Zepeda