Best CD Drives for Mac mini iMore 2022

Optical drives went the way of the DoDo bird a few years ago on Mac computers due to most software, movies, and music all moving online, but sometimes you still need a good old fashioned CD drive. So, there are still situations when you need an external optical drive. That said, no matter what your needs are, we've saved you the trouble of looking around and grouped some of the best CD drives to compliment your new Mac mini.

Patuoxun CD Drive

Almost the same: Patuoxun External DVD CD Drive

If you're looking for something as similar as it gets to the Apple SuperDrive, then the Patuoxun External CD Drive is an excellent option at third the price. This simple design will go with any set up you may have, and the reading speeds are quite impressive. You get 24x reading speeds and 8x writing speeds, which is not something to shy away from. Plus, you can always pop an Apple logo on the top, and feel like you bought the real thing.

£20 at Amazon
Image render from NOLYTH's Amazon product page

Into the future: Nolyth USB-C Superdrive

Staff Pick

If you haven't heard yet, USB-C is the way of the future, at least for I/O tech (think the stuff you plug into your computer). While the Mac mini still has a couple of traditional USB ports (thank all the things), USB-C will become the standard pretty soon. This drive from Nolyth is practically just as good as Apple's SuperDrive, and it is USB-C out of the box, so no need for adapters. It also includes a USB-A adapter so you can use it with any standard ports (take notes Apple). Best of all, it's cheaper than Apple's.

£26 at Amazon
VersionTech Superdrive

Wood for the win: VersionTECH SuperDrive

I'm a big fan of wood accessories, and now I can have a wood-covered CD drive to complement my Mac mini. This will certainly class up any desk and be sure to draw a comment or two from the guests. It does all the things you would need an optical drive to do, and it's not a bad price either.

£21 at Amazon

On a budget: IGYLAR CD Drive

If you're looking to save a few bucks on a CD drive, this is a perfect option to add to your Mac mini. It's compatible with all versions of macOS, and it works with USB 3.0 as well as Type C. Not to mention, the awesome strip design adds a little flair to your Mac mini.

£14 at Amazon

Which CD Drive should you choose?

Even though it's 2019, there are still several instances where you might need to use an optical drive with your new Mac mini. Whether you're watching a movie that's not on Netflix, or you want to burn some music to relieve those 90's car rides, or you need to install some older software onto your new Mac mini, we've found some of the best options for you to consider. For most folks, the Nolyth USB-C Superdrive will be the best option because it gets the job done without breaking the bank, but you can't go wrong with anything on this list.

If you don't like the Nolyth USB-C Superdrive, then the next best choice would be the wooden VersionTECH SuperDrive. It's nothing quite like it when you compare it to other alternatives. Its unique design brings a certain distinct personality for such an otherwise boring piece of equipment. Plus, it only costs a few more bucks than our best option.

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