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A case is always a good idea to protect your new iPhone from those occasional unintentional spills. There are so many different kinds of cases out there; some are more protective, while others are less bulky. Some phones hold your cards and cash, so you don't have to carry your wallet everywhere. Some people like the case to make a statement, while other people want the case to fade away while the phone takes centre stage.

Thinnest: Totallee Thin Case

Totallee iPhone case

Totallee's cases are just about as thin as a case can be and still be a case. They're meant to give you a fraction of protection without bulking up your phone or getting in your way. At only .02 inches to get any thinner, you'd need to put a decal on your phone. Totallee offers up a pretty significant variety of cases as well with eight different colour options running the gamut from completely clear to jet black.

All of the cases are the same super-thin construction. However, some differences are depending on the colour option you choose. Some of them offer up an extra grippy case to ensure it doesn't slip out of your hand at an inopportune time, while others have raised protection around your camera lens.


  • Incredibly thin
  • Doesn't add bulk


  • Not for drop protection


Totallee Thin Case


This is the perfect case for people who hate cases. They don't get any thinner than this.

Best Medium Weight Protection: Lifeproof SLAM

Lifeproof Slam

Lifeproof dubs the SLAM case as one that is "dedicated to the drop." This case isn't nearly as bulky as some other options but still manages to keep your phone protected when it inevitably gets dropped. The construction gives you two tiers of protection so that drops don't have to be terrifying as you check your phone to ensure it hasn't been irreparably damaged.

The cases themselves are mostly clear and designed to complement the fabulous new iPhone XR colours. However, they do have a thin strip of colour to differentiate the case from your actual phone. The Lifeproof SLAM also doesn't cover any of your ports or buttons, ensuring that usability doesn't suffer for protection.


  • Heavy-duty protection
  • Clear design lets XR colour shine through


  • Somewhat bulky

Best Medium Weight Protection

Lifeproof SLAM

Excellent protection

Protect your phone while letting its glorious colour show through with this heavy-duty but clear case.

Best Lightweight Protection: UAG Pathfinder Series

UAG pathfinder

The UAG Pathfinder series of cases deliver a case that looks like it can withstand just about anything that life throws at you and your phone. It features an ultra-light composite shell that protects your phone without weighing it down and includes a soft impact resistant core.

It isn't all about looks either. The UAG Pathfinder is Apple Pay and wireless charging compatible, which means you'll never need to rip your case off at an inopportune time. While this case does cover your buttons, they're still usable, and a rubber lip also protects your screen during falls. Best of all, this case is rated for severe falls making it all-around protection you can trust.


  • Ultra-protective
  • Feather-light


  • Style may not appeal to all

Best Lightweight Protection

UAG Pathfinder Series

Tough but light

You don't have to carry a heavy case to get heavy-duty protection. This is my husband's absolute favourite case.

Coolest: Mous Limitless 2.0

Mous iPhone case

Not all phone cases are created equal, but it seems like many of them share a certain aesthetic. If you want to stand out from the crowd, the Mous Limitless 2.0 might be just the ticket. These cases are made from natural materials like bamboo or walnut that give them a unique look.

Mous cases are crafted from a high impact material, AiroShock™, which "contains tiny air pockets and cross-linking polymer chains that work like springs." They also include screen protectors and are compatible with wireless charging.


  • Protection without bulk
  • Beyond ordinary materials


  • Pricey


Mous Limitless 2.0

Non-bulky protection

Go beyond the ordinary case with this smart design. Choose from leather, walnut, bamboo, and shell.

Best Value Wallet Folio: Snakehive Leather Wallet Case

Snakehive iPhone case

Having a gorgeous leather case for your phone doesn't need to be an expensive accessory. The Snakehive Leather Wallet Case delivers a great leather folio that won't break the bank. Hand-crafted from European nubuck leather, the Snakehive Leather Wallet case has a nice velvety feel to it. It holds up to three cards plus cash and the folio portion can be used to prop up the phone for video watching.

You're able to choose from eleven different colour options, including black, brown, plum, and even moss green. Since the cases are made from real leather, they'll gain a patina as they age, making them an excellent investment. There is also a case stand so you can set your phone on its side to watch videos.


  • Hand-crafted European nubuck leather
  • Holds up to three cards plus cash
  • Kickstand for video viewing


  • Closure tab may annoy some

Best Value Wallet Folio

Snakehive Leather Wallet Case

Reasonably price folio

If you're looking for a good-quality wallet folio-style case but don't want to spend a lot, this is your best bet.

Best Value: Spigen Neo Hybrid

Spigen iPhone case

Spigen is a longtime favourite brand; its mix of price and quality can't be beaten. You can't go wrong with any of its cases, but the Neo Hybrid has an unusual and masculine look. The case has a slim profile, and it's also lightweight, so your phone will be protected without feeling heavy or bulky. It uses a combination shock-absorbing TPU case and polycarbonate bumper to ensure your phone doesn't take damage when it's dropped.

The Spigen Neo Hybrid is available in four colours: jet black, gunmetal, red, and satin silver. Instead of covering your buttons and ports, there are cutouts to ensure that you never have issues pressing buttons. It's even reinforced at the cutouts to provide a snug fit over the frame of your phone.


  • Great price
  • Protective
  • Good quality


  • Style may not appeal to some

Best Value

Spigen Neo Hybrid

Price + Quality

We love Spigen cases here at iMore; they are consistently well-priced and high-quality.

Bottom line

Finding the right case for you isn't always an easy call, and with so many options available, it can become even more difficult. Every option that we've suggested here will protect your phone from accidental mishaps. We like the Totallee Thin Case for its almost invisible look, but we don't recommend it if you are a dropper. This is for protection from scratches, not drops.

For those of us who drop their phones all the time, the Urban Armor Gear is more our speed. It can take a beating and still keep your phone safe and secure.

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