Best Seat Cushion For Your Office Chair iMore 2022

If you spend hours at a time sitting in an office chair, you sure as sugar want to make it as comfortable an experience as possible. By investing in a decent seat cushion, you can avoid back pain, posture issues and even cut out circulation problems. Take a look through our orthopedically awesome selection of seat cushions — we're sure you'll find one deserving of your derriere...


Do a U-turn: Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Orthopedic Cushion

Staff Pick

Made with premium quality memory foam, this cushion has a soft, machine-washable cover and a non-slip rubber and gel bottom. Its u-shaped ergonomic design helps with chronic and acute pain by easing pressure in strategic areas surrounding the sciatic nerve. The heat-responsive technology means the cushion moulds to fit the shape of your bottom.

£30 at Amazon

Wedgie: Medipaq Memory Foam Wedge Cushion

This budget option offers a simple, lightweight and portable wedge-shaped design, perfect for adding some comfortable padding or extra height to any chair. It elevates the legs and hips, encouraging better posture to prevent pain and fatigue in the lumbar region. Made of high-quality memory foam, it's completely machine-washable and comes in several colours and finishes.

£14 at Amazon

Go swivel: Posture Cushion Rotating Memory Foam Swivel Cushion

This specialist product is designed to help people with lower back, hip and knee issues. It is comprised of a high-quality foam layer on a solid plastic base which offers a complete 360-degree pivot action. This takes the strain when you want to manoeuvre yourself out of your chair while providing gentle padding. The plush cover is removable and washable.

£20 at Amazon

Holesome: Feagar Orthopedic Seat Cushion

Specially designed to help offer relief from the pain of haemorrhoids and sciatica as well as coccyx injuries, this has a carefully situated cut-out design, a durable, breathable mesh cover, and a built-in handle for easy portability. It's made from memory foam and has a curved design that as well as helping your posture, is said to improve circulation.

£25 at Amazon

Lumbartastic: Cushina Memory Foam Orthopedic Cushion

Another u-shaped option, this gets a breathable soft velour cover that can be unzipped for easy cleaning. Made of quality memory foam, this has a non-slip gel base to prevent the cushion slipping on any surface, even plastic chairs. There's a handle for portability and a gently curved design to encourage improved posture and reduce pelvic pressure.

£25 at Amazon

Sitting pretty

If you have a severe back or hip condition, it's advisable to speak to a medical professional about what kind of cushion would best suit your needs. If you want a more comfortable office seating with orthopaedic solution, then consider the Feagar option. Anyone looking to improve their posture when sat at their desk generally, the Medipaq wedge-shaped cushion or the Cushina option should more than suffice.

Our overall pick, the Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Orthopedic Cushion, gets our thumbs up. It offers decent orthopaedic abilities along with heat-responsive technology.

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