Ukrainian developer MacPaw issues statement amidst Russian attack

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Clean My Mac on a laptop (Image credit: MacPaw)

What you need to know

  • Ukrainian developer MacPaw has issued a statement following Russia's attack on the nation.
  • It has assured users its products will remain unaffected.
  • It also thanked users for messages of support and asked people to support Ukraine.

Ukrainian developer MacPaw has issued a statement amidst Russia's aggression against Ukraine.

"As of today, Russia has started a full-scale invasion of Ukraine," the group told iMore. "As a company that was founded and operates primarily in Kyiv, the capital city of Ukraine, we at MacPaw have been preparing for these circumstances."

In a statement Thursday CEO Oleksandr Kosovan said:

Being humans of the 21st century, we all wish that the tragic days of war were a thing of the past. However, now once more, with the Russian aggression against Ukraine, we've been made to witness how easy freedom, independence, and the human right to life and choice are put on the line.MacPaw was founded and operated primarily in Kyiv, Ukraine. For us, the security of our team members is paramount. We've prepared various assistance programs and launched a

MacPaw says that the situation will not impact the use of its products because it uses Amazon Web Services and hosts its infrastructure outside of Ukraine, the same can be said for its payment provider Paddle, which operates from the UK.

The team will continue to provide updates and support and Kosovan said the group remains "calm, focused and optimistic for a peaceful future of independent Ukraine."

He also called on people to "support and #StandWithUkraine in defending its sovereignty and territorial integrity."

Per multiple reports, Russian troops have entered Ukraine at multiple points along its border in what has been described as a full-scale invasion. From the NYT:

Explosions were reported across Ukraine early Thursday morning, as Russia launched attacks on major cities and airports and troops moved over the border.Russia fired cruise and ballistic missiles at airfields and military headquarters near Kyiv, the country's capital city, according to Ukrainian officials. In the south, Russian troops landed in Odessa.

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