The Unofficial amiibo Handbook Kickstarter project has been put on pause

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What you need to know

  • A Kickstarter project for an Unofficial amiibo Handbook met its goal.
  • The book is said to contain information on every commercially available amiibo.
  • An intellectual property dispute from Nintendo, however, has forced the project to go on pause.

A Kickstarter crowdfunding project facilitated by Ninty Media has been placed on hold after an intellectual property dispute with Nintendo. The project in question is a self-proclaimed Unofficial amiibo Handbook, a book written by Paul Murphy. The book contains information, images and facts about all the amiibo available to date. Although it only required £3,000 GBP to reach its goal, over £36,000 was pledged by over 1,500 backers. Some of the higher level pledges promised "amiibo fan" enamel pins, amiibo collection checklist posters and the opportunity to have one's name printed in the book as a sponsor.

Unofficial Amiibo Handbook (Image credit: Paul Murphy / Ninty Media / Nintendo)

However, as it is with most Nintendo-themed fan projects, things went sour. After meeting its goals, Nintendo filed a copyright strike against the project. The legal letter, according to Murphy, described that only the use of amiibo logos and imagery were the issue, not the content of the book itself. While Murphy resolves the issue, the project has been taken down from the Kickstarter website. Murphy reassured his audience that all funds have been kept secure by Kickstarter, and will be returned to the backers via their original payment method should the project fall through.

Nintendo's amiibo were originally released in 2015 and can be used for a variety of purposes, from costumes to extra content in both single-player and multiplayer games on the Nintendo Switch.

The author of this article happened to support this project before it went on pause, and will provide any new information as it is relayed to them.

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