Unstoppable Fist review for iPhone

Unstoppable Fist by Ragtag Studio delivered a ridiculous, over-the-top haymaker to the App Store today. This button-mashing endless defense game puts you in the well-worn loafers of a hero named Fist who has come to Earth to deliver flawless roundhouse kicks and precise jabs to eclipse-crazed piranhas, armadillos, bats, chickens, various aquatic life, and any other rabid creature that happens to enter his personal space. Despite his extra-terrestrial origins, Fist is deeply patriotic and drapes himself in the stars and stripes between battles. Whether or not he is related to Chuck Norris is uncertain, but not out of the question.

Gameplay in Unstoppable Fist is relatively simple, and relies primarily on twitch reflexes. Fist stands in the middle of the screen, and to either side are tap zones for low, middle, and high attacks. Enemies come drifting in at various speeds and with varying toughness, depending on the type. You can tap the same level on both sides to deliver deadly scissor kicks in either direction. If there's more than one coming from any given side, you can swipe down to execute an axe kick, or up for a devastating hammer fist. You're scored based on how long you last, and earn multipliers for strings of successful combos. If you don't take the baddies before they get to you, they will take a bite out of your health.

There are three stages total to chew on for as long as you can survive. Every once in awhile, pies will float into view and fill your Unstoppability bar should Fist be injured and you don't accidentally demolish it with his limbs of fury. There are the standard three difficulty levels available, though I found even medium was pretty intense.  There are Game Center leaderboards and achievements, though the pop-up every time you get a new high score can get a little annoying. Unfortuntely, climbing the leaderboard is just about the only progression you'll see in Unstoppable Fist.

Unstoppable Fist is animated very smoothly in pixel art style. There are at least two animations for every attack type, which is enough to keep movements from going stale. It's a little weird watching piranhas floating through the air in a straight line and cycling through the same animation, but the ridiculous premise lets you forgive a whole lot. The music is very much in line with the arcade feel, and is available for your downloading pleasure over here. Sound effects are crisp, clear, and the little variety keeps them from being too repetitive.

The good

  • Excellent style
  • Fast action

The bad

  • Limited gameplay variety
  • Few levels

The bottom line

For what Unstoppable Fist lacks in gameplay depth, it more than makes up for in style. It would be great to see the game extended with new play modes, new levels, unlockable outfits, and hey, maybe even new characters. I doubt Unstoppable Fist could get away with charging more than a buck, but at that price, you get what you pay for: fast, fun, random violence.

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Simon Sage

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