Untethered iOS 5 jailbreak coming soon?

Potentially good news for those of you looking to update to iOS 5 this week but don’t want to lose your jailbreak. Stefan Esser, also known as i0n1c if you follow him on twitter, has revealed that he believes an untethered jailbreak for iOS 5 may already be in the works.

As far as I know iOS 5 untether is covered by other people already. Guess who :P

We don’t know at this stage if this will include the iPad 2, which has proven or the soon to be released iPhone 4S; we will have to wait and see. There is already a tethered jailbreak available for the iOS 5 Gold Master but that does not include the iPad 2. Also the problem with a tethered jailbreak is the inconvenience caused each time your device needs a reboot; it has to be connected to a computer or it will not restart.

Let's hope that we won't have to wait too long for an untethered jailbreak for iOS 5, it's good to know that things seem to be "covered".

Source: i0n1c


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  • And now I just can wait for iOS 5 release! Waiting is very hard to do.
  • No long now
  • I got sick of waiting and did a few google searches, found out you don't need to be a developer to get and update to the GM. Even though it's a few days out I found and downloaded a iTunes beta 7 and iOS 5 for my ipad2 (via the search, wasn't hard), it works great! I found one for my iPhone 4 and downloaded it but I don't think I am going to install it (I would lose my jailbreak) with the iPad running iOS 5 it gives me enough to explore for a few days :)
  • I was wondering if the "beta" version you downloadedfor your iPhone 4 would still have the "FaceTime" for gsm unlocked. This would be the only "real" reason I would wantto jailbreak my phone...the "other" options would just be perks. I use FaceTime to talk to my kids when I am not with hem, and it is a pain to keep yourself in wifi. I usually turn on my wife's hotspot and di thru her connection.....works perfect!
  • I can't wait for this one...hope ipad2 is included
  • Me too! Jailbroken iPhone 4 and I love it. Needing iPad 2 pronto!
  • I don't see why you will need to jailbreak with the new os as Apple hired jailbreakers to help with the new OS so most of the features are on the new OS and from what I hear about it Apple can detect what version of the OS your running and push updates to the phone so that could stop jailbreaking altogether!
  • Someone says this with every new version of ios but there are always enhancements worth jailbrreaking for - SBSettings in Notification Center for example.
  • I'm headed to do a site assessment for a client in about twenty minutes. While I'm there, I'll be using Wifi Analyzer to survey the wireless situation.
    I used to have this as an approved app until Apple assumed all using it were hackers. I jb'ed my phone so I didn't have to carry a laptop to do this task, for one.
    I also like emailing my voicemails to my staff vs trying to transcribe them whilst driving.
    Not hacking. Not stealing. Just trying to get work done, yo.
  • BiteSMS alone is about 80% of the reason my iPhone is jailbroken. The convenience of quick reply/compose is something apple has yet to attempt. Until that happens I will not have a phone that isn't jailbroken.
  • Jailbreak is needed to unlock. If you have a phone from another carrier, if your locked, the phone is pointless - thus JB! Now do "you see"?
  • iBlacklist. AT&T cant help me block incoming harassing calls. The police cant help me block incoming harassing calls. Cydia CAN!
  • Zzzzz who cares? Oh ya it is people who want to steal apps. Move on tipb
  • Jailbreaking is the way to go, the enhancements alone justify it... if stealing apps is your thing then so be it...it aint mine.
  • i think jailbreaking has become kinda pointless because ios 5 is just amazing and the main thing that was left that they didnt cover was themes not to mention jailbreaking is open so it is mostly free (very buggy)