Oppo Watch PromoSource: Oppo

What you need to know

  • Oppo Watch will be announced on March 6.
  • It looks very, very familiar.
  • There's no Digital Crown, at least.

Android phone maker Oppo has teased the upcoming announcement of its new wearable, called Oppo Watch. And as that name might suggest, it appears to borrow heavily from a popular wearable. The market leader, in fact. Arguably the only smartwatch anyone is buying. What is it they say about imitation and flattery?

In case it isn't obvious enough yet, I'm talking about Apple Watch.

The new wearable is set to be announced alongside the Oppo Find X2 which is an Android phone that our friends at Android Central know much more about. But it's that watch that caught my attention for obvious reasons.

Taking a closer look at Oppo Watch it's clear that there have been some design cues taken from Apple Watch. The curved display and what appears to be a very similar finish to the body of the watch are familiar. The Sport-Band-type affair is slightly different in the way it fastens when compared with Apple's offering, but it's still eerily similar. But there's no Digital Crown – instead, we have two side buttons as noted by The Verge.

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Oppo executive Brian Shen showed off another look at the display along with a watch face that looks nice and clean. But again, it screams Apple Watch.

Borrowing heavily from Apple's designs isn't anything new in the Android world and Samsung and Huawei are already masters at doing that. But this appears to be the closest thing yet to an Apple Watch in the Android world. And as much as I wish companies would go their own way, I'm intrigued to see how this thing turns out when we get to see it for real. All eyes on Android Central for that come March 6, then!

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