The most popular photo sharing website is Facebook, yet uploading more than one photo at once is a repetitive process -- you must select each photo one at a time. PixUploader for iPhone does a much better job at streamlining the selection process and will even automatically select your most recent photos when you launch the app.

PixUploader is extremely easy to use. You can set up PixUploader to automatically add the most recent 1-8 photos in your Camera Roll when you launch the app. If you decide against uploading a selected image, you simply flick it away. To select more photos, just tap Add Photos.

Before starting the upload, you can select which Facebook album to upload the photos to, add cations, and tag your friends. If you tap on one of the thumbnails of the photos you've selected to upload, the image will open full size with a caption field to fill in. If you tap on the image, a list of your Facebook friends will slide up so that you can tag them in your photo. PixUploader will show a gray square on the area you can expect the tag to appear. Tapping this square will give you the option to delete the tag.

When your photos are ready to upload, just simply tap Upload and PixUploader will immediately start uploading them. They'll be uploaded one at a time at an acceptable rate. Eight photos will take more than a few seconds, however, but the good news is that PixUploader will continue uploading in the background if you want to switch over to another app.

The Good

  • Easy to use
  • Fast
  • Upload up to 8 photos
  • Add captions
  • Tag friends
  • Select which album to upload to
  • Uploads in the background
  • Choose to have PixUploader to automatically select your most recent
  • Has two color schemes: blue and orange

The Bad

  • Why limit to only 8 photos?

The bottom line

PixUploader is a great way to share multiple photos to Facebook at once. The ability to add captions and tag friends makes it so you don't have to make any changes to Facebook after the photos have been uploaded. There have been many times that I only shared one photo to Facebook because it takes too long with the Facebook app. Now, I'll just use PixUploader.

There is also a free version of PixUploader that has a max limit of 4 images at a time and does not allow you to tag your friends and it's ad supported. The free version is a great way to test out PixUploader before you commit to buying it, though.

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