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Bottom line: Upright Go S monitors your posture and detects when you're slouching. It provides a gentle vibration to train your posture, creating cognitive awareness that drives behavioral change.


  • +

    Small and discreet

  • +

    Vibration timers + on and off switch

  • +

    Easy to use app

  • +

    Posture stats

  • +

    In-app workout library


  • -

    Difficult to put on yourself

  • -

    Necklace sold separately

  • -

    Vibrations get annoying

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We have everything to gain and nothing to lose by improving our posture in an age where smartphones and laptops reign supreme. Unfortunately, proper posture is hard to come by. Posture training hosts a myriad of health benefits. These benefits include (but aren't limited to) less back pain, more confidence, and improved productivity, blood circulation, and organ functioning. Sounds desirable, right? Upright Go S is a rechargeable posture trainer that works in tandem with the Upright app to improve posture, which leads to better health and overall wellness.

Upright Go S: Price and availability

Upright Go

Upright Go (Image credit: Nicolette Roux / iMore)

Upright Go S is available on Amazon for $60. It comes with a carrying case, charging cable, five adhesive patches, six alcohol prep pads (to prep skin for adhesive), and an adhesive removal tool. The Upright Go 2 necklace referenced in this review is sold separately. It's available on Amazon for $18.

Upright Go S: What you'll like

Upright Go

Upright Go (Image credit: Nicolette Roux / iMore)

Upright Go S has certainly alerted me that my posture, on average, is terrible. Using this little device every day for the past week has shown me when and where my posture is the worst and gently nudged (buzzed) me to correct it. It's small, sleek, and discreet — making it easy to wear anytime, anywhere.

Using Upright Go S creates cognitive awareness that drives behavior change.

Training your posture is one thing that becomes second nature after a dedicated period of commitment. Awareness is key and leads to changing deeply ingrained habits. Trying to track and change other habits? Check out the best habit tracking apps. After wearing Upright Go S for at least 60 minutes every day for the past week, I have improved my chronic back and neck pain. I've also noticed that I've started correcting my posture automatically, even when I'm not wearing my device, which is the ultimate goal.

This posture trainer can be worn directly on your back via a mild reusable adhesive patch or on the Upright Go 2 Necklace (sold separately). I struggle with putting it upright (pun intended) when putting it on my back, so I either have my husband do it for me or wear it on the necklace — the easiest and preferred method.

Upright Go S

Upright Go S (Image credit: iMore)

The Upright Go S works in tandem with the free Upright app to train your posture and improve your health. Inside the app, you'll calibrate proper posture alignment. You can calibrate any time in seconds according to your needs by hitting the calibrate button. After you calibrate, you'll see a visual of your posture and where it needs to be.

You control your device completely in-app.

You can set 5-, 15-, 30-, and one-minute vibration delays. Plus, you can turn the vibration on and off completely. Keeping my vibration delay at one minute works best for me. I find that anything shorter than that gets annoying after a while. All your posture stats are stored within the app; you can look at your history and how you've improved over time.

You'll see your upright versus slouch time throughout the day, daily percentages, uptime, and whether you met your daily 60-minute goal, as well as your upright percentage over time. You can also find a free library of exercises and stretches you can do in-app for better posture and back health, which is fantastic.

Upright Go S: What you won't like

Upright Go

Upright Go (Image credit: Nicolette Roux / iMore)

I mentioned this earlier, but trying to stick this on your back yourself is difficult. I need someone to help me to apply it upright. I wish the Upright Go 2 Necklace came with it because it's a far easier method of wearing this device. It's sold separately but worth the extra cost.

The vibrations can get annoying, but hey, Upright Go S is doing its job. So if I wear this for extended periods throughout multiple activities, I'll either recalibrate before each activity or switch the vibration off.

Upright Go S: Competition

Upright Go S

Upright Go S (Image credit: Upright)

Upright Go 2

The Upright Go 2 hails from the same company and functions the same as Upright Go S. The only differences between these two are the Go 2 reportedly has five hours of battery life, versus the Go S's two and a half. In addition, both come with carrying cases. The Upright Go 2 comes with a hard carrying case, and Upright Go S comes with a soft external case with a hard interior. Perhaps the most notable difference between these two is price. Upright Go 2 is $80, while Go S is $60.

Viocorrect Render

Viocorrect Render (Image credit: Viocorrect)

Viocorrect Posture Correcter

This is a posture corrector that you wear under or over your clothes. It's unisex and comes in two sizes to fit most body types. It functions as a kind of back brace to pull your spine into proper alignment. Unfortunately, it is not electronic and does not work in tandem with any app.

Upright Go S: Should you buy it?

Upright Go

Upright Go (Image credit: Nicolette Roux / iMore)

You should buy this if ...

  • You suffer from chronic back pain
  • You have poor posture
  • You like tech for your health

You shouldn't buy this if...

  • You're easily annoyed
  • You're uninterested in improving your posture

Upright Go S is an effective and easy-to-use posture trainer. I've noticed an improvement in my back and neck health after just one week of use. I've also started to automatically detect when I'm slouching and improve posture on my own. The Upright Go 2 Necklace is sold separately but worth buying. The vibrations can get annoying after a while, but c'est la vie in the world of posture training. Cheers to better health, standing tall, and confidence!

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