USB-C iPhone X currently on eBay with bids at $85,000

iPhone charging port
iPhone charging port (Image credit: Joseph Keller/iMore)

What you need to know

  • A USB-C iPhone is on sale on eBay right now.
  • Bidding has passed $85,000.
  • The device is a modded iPhone X 64GB that was created by an enthusiastic engineer.

A USB-C iPhone X made by an engineer is currently on sale on eBay, with bids up past $85,000.

Last month Ken Pillonel revealed an iPhone X he'd modified to include a USB-C port:

This is it. I've finally built the World's First iPhone with a USB Type-C port. It supports charging and data transfers. The first part was about getting the electronics to work. Then the next step was to reverse-engineer the Apple C94 connector and make my own PCB with a female USB C port. Then the schematics for the project were set and tested and the final was to make it fit inside the iPhone! I'm very happy to show you this mod in the form of a Youtube Short.

The device is now on sale on eBay, where it has racked up 144 bids and a current price tag of $85,550, which seems set to rise.

That is, of course, a lot more expensive than Apple's current best iPhone, the iPhone 13, but is described as a "true piece of collection for any Apple fanboy out there" as a piece of art.

There are some conditions to buying it, however. The listing states that by bidding the purchaser agrees to not restore, update, or erase the phone, not to use it as a daily phone, and not to open it, presumably the phone and its internals, not the package that is.

The seller is even offering a 30-min call if the buyer has any questions. The auction went live on November 1, and things got out of hand from the get-go, with the first bid landing at $1,625. It climbed steadily up through $14,800 before someone else chimed in with $30,000 yesterday. It then jumped again from $33,8k to $40k, then $49k, then again from $60k to $65k, and $65k to $80k.

You can see the listing here.

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