Users reporting difficulties logging into iCloud on Mac and Windows

iCloud for Windows
iCloud for Windows (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Several users are reporting iCloud sign-in problems.
  • It seems many can't log into iCloud on either Mac or Windows.
  • Some users say they are getting stuck in a sign-in loop.

Apple iCloud users are reporting issues logging into the service on both Mac and Windows.

As reported by Forbes:

Customers attempting to sign in to Apple's iCloud on a Mac are being trapped in a sign-in loop that constantly requests they re-enter their password.The bug, which currently appears to be restricted to Mac users, prevents customers from accessing files in their iCloud storage or tracking devices using the Find My facility when logging in through a web browser. Every time the password or Touch ID fingerprint is successfully entered, the user is returned to the password prompt

Despite Forbes' suggestion, some users are actually reporting this issue on Windows as well:

Another user reported:

@AppleSupport Hey I'm having issues logging into iCloud and I see I'm not the only one. Can you please help? Seems like I'm stuck in a redirect loop (Tried on Chrome, Firefox, Windows+Mac) and also cleared cookies

Lots of users have commented on Twitter to say they too are experiencing the issue. The only indication of a problem comes from one user who spoke to Apple via phone:

I just got off the phone with Apple again - now they say it's a tech issue with their iCloud servers! Oy.

Apple's System Status Page is not showing any issues, however. Several threads have also sprung up on Apple's community support forums relating to the problem. Again, community support forums seem to suggest this problem is not affecting Apple mobile devices.

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