Design your own unique t-shirt with this new app from Uniqlo

Clothing retailer Uniqlo is now offering customers the opportunity to customize their T-shirts. Similar to what a custom screen-printed shirt would be, Uniqlo's rather unique UTme! app, available for Android and iOS, will allow users to custom print a shoot with their own designs or photographs. There is also a community gallery where you can see designs that your peers have created and also vote on them; it's like an Instagram for tees.

Additionally, shaking your phone will apply random effects to your design to spruce it up if you need help with some creativity to make your designs stand out.

Tees will sell for about $20 for the finished product. Uniqlo's site says that copyrighted materials cannot be used in the design, so originality is a must for creating your own custom shirts.

Source: Uniqlo (opens in new tab), Via: Engadget

Chuong H Nguyen
  • You need to mention this is only available for Japan.
  • Based on the accent of the video, I thought this would be for the UK market. Checked the app out of curiosity and it's not too bad. No idea how they did some of the shirts in the video though; the options are limited
  • How can you not mention this is only for Japan?? Sent from the iMore App
  • Yeah... only Japan.. would have been cool ... now.. not so much.. :(
  • And, besides, only plain t-shirts are cool.
  • Kinda dumb to let us download it if you can only get the t shirts in Japan.