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What you need to know

  • Visible is offering people the chance to try its network for free over a 15-day period..
  • People can sign up for the trial right from their iPhone.

Visible, the budget arm of Verizon, is now offering iPhone owners the chance to take its service for a spin for absolutely free. The trial runs for 15 days and iPhone owners don't even need to leave their home or make a phone call to get up and running.

Made possible by the use of an eSIM, Visible's 15-day trial can be started by scanning a single QR code and then following the on-screen instructions. Visible will allocate a trial number and if people are happy with the service they can become a member — and even move their current number over from an existing carrier, too.

We're big fans of our unlimited data, messages, and minutes for as little as $25/mo wireless service, and we think you might be too. So, grab your iPhone and take advantage of our 15-day free trial to see how our network, powered by Verizon, performs in a head-to-head competition with your current network.

There's no credit card required, and everything you need to get started is already in your iPhone.

Those looking to see what Visible has to offer can sign up for the trial right now — it really couldn't be easier. Service should be pretty solid as well — Visible uses Verizon's network so anywhere its parent company works, it will as well. That means speedy 4G and 5G data shouldn't be too far away.

Because this all works via eSIM, you're going to need to have a modern iPhone. The latest and greatest iPhone 13 is obviously a goer, but anything newer than an iPhone XR and iPhone SE 2020 will work just fine, too.

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