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What you need to know

  • Visible now supports eSIM on iOS.
  • The support appears to only be for new customers at the moment.
  • No ETA on when previous customers can enable eSIM support.

Visible has long been home to some of the most affordable iPhone plans, and today they've just sweetened the deal for customers looking into the service. Visible now supports eSIM on iOS, which it previously didn't. This means that new Visible customers should be able to use dual SIM with a Visible eSIM on iPhone.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem eSIM support is coming to previous customers at all. A Twitter post by @sacramentotesla shows a message chain with Visible customer service asking about eSIM support.

As you can see above, the company has stated that eSIM is only available for customers with new accounts and new numbers. They also say they don't have any information on when support for older customers would be available.

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Remember, in order to use eSIM on your iPhone, you need to have a compatible carrier and a compatible iPhone. The iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 11 models, and iPhone 12 models all support eSIM use. Visible also support 5G on the iPhone 12 models, so you can take advantage of the blistering high speeds that 5G offers.

Visible uses the Verizon service and offers no contract and cheap cellphone plans, and while it has very limited Android support, it works with most iPhones, making the service a great alternative option for iPhone users. Our very own Bryan Wolfe did a Visible phone service review and came away super impressed. Visible's Party Pay gives you a service discount when you elect to have more than one line attached to a payment group, meaning it's also an option for people who need more than one line.