Walmart Voice Order is now compatible with Siri, it even has its own Shortcut

Walmart Voice Order Siri
Walmart Voice Order Siri (Image credit: Walmart)

What you need to know

  • Walmart Voice Order is now compatible with Siri.
  • The service allows customers to add groceries to their Walmart Online Grocery Cart using voice commands.
  • There's also a Siri Shortcut to speed up the process.

Walmart has announced that its Walmart Voice Order feature is now compatible with Siri on iOS. The feature, announced earlier this year, allows customers to add groceries to their Walmart Online Grocery Cart using their voice.

According to the press release:

Today, we're proud to announce that partnering with Apple, we've made Walmart Voice Order available on Siri. We are always looking for new ways to bring our customers the best experiences when buying Apple products from Walmart and when using their Apple devices every day.

It will be available on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, HomePod or in your car with CarPlay. Walmart has also announced that there'll be a Siri Shortcut available, allowing users on iOS to simply ask Siri to begin adding items to their cart.

To use the Shortcut, all you have to do is say "Add to Walmart." Then, list the products you want added to your cart. You can then place your order, which will be delivered right to your door.

Walmart Voice Order is built to help save time in the kitchen, whilst driving or if you're out and about. Not only that, the more you use the feature, the more it will learn about your shopping habits and your grocery preferences. For example, if you always ask for "Great Value organic orange juice with no pulp," you'll quickly be able to ask simply for "orange juice" and Walmart Voice Order will add the right one!

You can also pick up right where you left off on different devices, even over several days if it takes you some time to get your shopping list together. Walmart Grocery Shopping is available on the App Store now.

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