Mac Pro announcementSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • YouTuber iJustine has the 28-core monster Mac Pro.
  • It's been put through its paces in recent weeks.
  • Her latest video shows how powerful this thing is.

The examples of how powerful the 2019 Mac Pro just keep on coming. And YouTuber iJustine is the latest to give us a glimpse at the kinds of things the 28-core almost-maxed-out monster is capable of.

The machine iJustine has been using for the last few weeks probably isn't the one most people will buy. With 28 cores and 384GB of RAM, only those who need it for video editing and advanced mathematics are going to use something like this. And her latest video shows that all happening, simultaneously.

During the video we see iJustine running a complicated project that takes RAW images and then stitches them together to create a 3D render. Just listening to how that works broke my brain, and it's something that reportedly normally takes a couple of days to complete. With this Mac Pro, it took around 20 hours.

Just as impressive is the fact that many of those 20 hours were also spent with the Mac Pro running Final Cut Pro X and editing video. In fact, iJustine was able to have the Mac Pro also run multiple 8K video streams simultaneously, all while the 3D image stitching was happening on another Pro Display XDR monitor.

Sure, most people don't need what must be a hugely costly Mac Pro configuration. But if you do need it, that raw power is undoubtedly impressive.